Pantsir-S1M, 8x8 Short Range Air Defense Missile System and SPAAG

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The real deal, Pantsir-SM-TBM in the flesh

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Italy and Israel as well. Neither of them have effective SPAA systems either. Its also not true that (as Kingtiez says) Japan doesn’t have equivalents, the Type 81 is capable of firing a long range radar missile. While the radar guidance unit is equipped on a different truck, each launch unit is capable of firing and guiding in the missile with the use of laser and IRST tracking completely independently. while the lack of a search radar is a draw back, most planes after burn up out of search angles within seconds of spawning anyway. And its not like Japan gets radars on their missile SPAAs anyway

I assume would be 12.3 BR and located after Pantsir-S1M at rank 8