Pantsir-S1 radar tracking bug

Hello i have this crazy bug with radar and i don’t know what to do to fix this whenever i choose to track somoene when i lock and shoot missile radar just starts going crazy wobbling to every side and missile just doesn’t know what to do starts going to the sides and loosing the track i hope this thing will get fix patched pretty soon.
How much understood there is alot of people having the same problem.
The problem only occurs in live game, the test drive feels good without any problems.
Footage of 2 games this is stupid.


Please stop this. We do not need a fix for the most OP SAM in the game. Let it be bugged as a balancing decision.

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What kind of absurd Logic is this?

Your hate towards Russia is something special.


Of course. They have stomped too hard and for too long. That is why I propose not giving them the best.

dont wory its not a bug XDDD . + no spa can kill top tyer jets XD if u use patience and not rush hard

Probably to do with ping with a lot a missiles

its not a bug. btw. and pantsir does not need a buf. ucan not only kill a jets u can aslo track missles and destroy them before they hit u or ur teammates. if there is not more then 1 f16 XD

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It’s definetily a bug and it does affect german spaa’s too vt1 missiles etc.

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same thing happens when i lock onto a helicopter with my helicopter trying to shoot it with a hellfire. This needs to be fixed for heli’s too so we can start killing other heli’s with our hellfire

if u want best spa in game. if u rlyt hate cas abusers. grind for yak 141. u can hover behind enemy air spawn. ) or mig 29. but yak is more ez. and spawn camping enemy air spawn , no one can counter it

With the hellfire’s its kinda tricky to hit because hellfire raises up for it’s target not like ka-50 or ka-52 with vikhr’s missiles which is beam riding but on the screen you get shaking too like crazy but still possible to hit.

top tyer helis have radar and ir trak protection sistem. soo ucnt shoot them whit jets or helis. u have to use guns.

Hellfire aren’t IR or radar its laser designation

if ur laze traks is dancing like a pro dancer its means its works vs lazer 2

Pantsir might be the best SPAA system in the game but that doesnt mean it cant be defeated.

Any competetive CAS player can kill Pantsir while not getting touched.

Esoecially now with F16c gen 2 thermals

İ finally unlocked my German Tornado couple days ago and i can say even Tornado can deal with Pantsir easily if you know what you’re doing.

Not to mention Mirage2K and Barak-II can also deal with Pantsir.

Everything that has pod and/or thermals can counter any spaa

Exactly but guess which plane doesnt have thermal pods for Cas?

Mig29SMT of course, im just patiently waiting to get Thermal pod so i can perform similiar in my SMT just like how i do in my other top tier planes.

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You know what also lacks thermal su25t and su39

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