Pantsir-S1 radar tracking bug


you know how it is nato cas dominance needs to always be the best ka-50 was trashed into ground after recent changes with weather cant see shit and ka-52 can be killed by any spaa or cas jet there is as they are spawned on mass

İm not gonna lie, before the changes Ka-50-52 was the most bs Helicopters you can find in this game.

İ also unlocked my Ka-52 couple weeks ago and it still most busted helicopter in this game alongside with Mi-28NM.

Ka-50 is the most affected one because it lacks any sort of thermal imaging systems(same goes for my Mi-28A you can find on Swedish tree).

İ also wonder when will Gaijin implement Mi-28A into Russian Heli tree.

helis can be countered pretty easily now tbh ka-50 could be changed to thermal equipped variant and bumped up but wont happen

İf heli pilot is competetive it can still rule the battlefield.

My first top tier helicopter was Tiger HAD, it thought me how to deal with any Spaa in this game perfectly so using Ka-52 in this kind of situation makes my life much easier thanks to its radar and Vikhr missiles.

does this mean i have to give it a $5 tip?

u can use radar for track and auto lock groun targets. radar do all job for u. u just have to check target or swap targets. its taces little time to use. but its rly useful… change radar mode to SRC PD GTM or TWS GTM… btw tws gtm its wery anoing one its wil lock eny moving target and its wil switch auto targets so avoid use it .auto swap targets means u wil miss a lot and its wil lock frendlys 2 XD. PD GTM show u targets on radar ( moving ground targets only) u can just use radar lock and shoot.

Only su39 gets radar pod su25t does not


It would be very appreciated if you could make a report at // Issues by following the instructions on Knowledge Base - War Thunder Wiki
I am asking for a valid report so we can identify the issue and pass it to the developers.

Thanks in advance! 🙂