Pantsir K band detection

I’m kind of out of touch with any rwrs that arent french or british, so I’m curious are there any rwrs ingame that can pickup the pantsirs track band? or is it still unidentifiable with current rwrs?

Just the Apaches, AH-1Z and W afaik.

edit: like the guy below said, but I think AN/APR-39 is only on most US origin Helis and the Mangustas.

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AN/APR-39 can do it, as well as the L-150-16M that the Su-25SM3 will get very soon should have now.

So a whole load of NATO helicopters can, as they all have APR-39, and for the only fixed wing the Su-25SM3. For the Su-25 it won’t be as useful to detect Pantsirs, given they will be on the same team, but it means it can also detect helicopter radars, which also operate in the K band.


Almost all of >9.7BR US/British helicopters can detect it; the earliest to do so is the Israeli AH-1Q “Tzefa B” at 9.0.

Edit: i was wrong, italians have a 8.7 helicopter with AN/APR-39, clear proof of italian bias (?).


dumps 10 more nerfs upon italian vehicles


There’s also reports for the RWR of the euro tigers. iirc, HAD Block 2 definitely should detect K bands, and also all other tigers but I’m not totally sure about that

thanks all,
then do we know what fixed wings will get rwrs that can pickup C-L (or similar) like the SM3 in the future?

My Tiger UHT can detect the Pantsir radar. So it will be the same with the other Tigers.

the search radar not the lock radar. Only lock radar is K band

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Any American helicopter with ALR-39
Any Russian jet / heli with SPO-32M (only Su-25SM3 as far as I can see)

Can’t find any other RWRs that can… Anything with CW / launch detection should be able to detect it, I believe.

Only one I can think of right now is the AN/ALR-67(V)3, which is only equipped on the super hornet I think. It is C-K band.

There are a lot of other RWRs that have optional C/D and K-bands as well, but usually most planes don’t have them and if they do, Gaijin sometimes don’t even give them it… AN/ALR-56M on the F-16A/C has a C/D antenna right behind and under the nose, but the devs think it apparently is not useful for the RWR in game, so idk…

The tracking radar? This should only help against things that use CW (and probably also within the specified frequency of the RWR), so aircraft only in this case. Pantsir uses radio command in the K-band so most RWR will stay silent.