Pantsir can get balanced?

I was reading up about the missiles that our ‘BELOVED PANTSIR’ uses and came across a few:

  1. 95Ya6 ---------------- Currently ingame (20km range)
  2. 95Ya6-2 ------------- Better missile?
  3. 95Ya6-M ------------ Modernised missile?
  4. 23Ya6 ---------------- Another missile
  5. 57E6 ------------------ Export missile (20 km range) (10km max height)
  6. 57E6-E --------------- Export missile enhanced

Now maybe you have noticed this as well.
Number 5 in particular is interesting.
It has a 10km max vertical range.

Using 57E6 missiles, the Pantsir-S1 can engage tactical aircraft at a maximum range of 20 km and altitude of 10 km, subsonic cruise missiles at a range of 12 km and altitude of 6 km, and high-speed air-to-ground missiles at a range of 7 km and altitude of 6 km. At targets perpendicular to the system’s orientation, missile engagement ranges are halved.6 The 57E6 also possesses a minimum engagement range of 1.5 km.7


Pantsir S-1 | Missile Threat

Now why should we players be interested in this?
This gives some actual room for engaging the Pantsir while not on the Russian teams. Granted, this is the export missile but as the Russians also produce this, it is favourable for balance to have this as the only missile for the pantsir instead of the 95Ya6.

All we have to do is to fly above 10km at almost any range around 12km and above, and we can be safe from the tyrannical grasps of the Panting sir.

Actually the problem with it is that it is too balanced.
Turning while travelling at moderate speed should cause you to roll but it doesn’t.

A humorous way to call it top heavy but i insist that we focus on the engagement ranges for now :)


It’s fine anyway.
Forces you to play smart in CAS, I still have pretty good success killing them with the Tornado GR1.

u have PGMs…
ofc it cant touch u

Have you used PGMs?
They only have a vehicle lock range of around 6-7km.
The way you use them to kill pantsirs is no different from the way you use mavericks.

As a tank enjoyer, I enjoy keeping the bugs away

U dont need a target lock though.
The panting sirs usually dont ever move so you only need a point lock rather than a target lock

U dont need a target lock though.

Just like you don’t need a lock with the mavericks.
And PGMs are actually easier to deal with since they’re very easy to shoot down if they are paying attention.

True, it is top heavy, I had a video showing a pantsir rolling onto its side on a road.

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i thought PGM was classified as a bomb.
cuz bombs cannot be intercepted (blown up) by SAMs but AGMs can

They can be blown up, but it requires direct hit, not huge VT fuse, like Pantsir can intercept a GBU, but Tor can not. (partly because Gaijing basically gave Tor less explosive mass despite being 5 times as large in volume than 95Y)

bruh thats messed up…
anyway what do you think about the 10km height limitation?

No PGMs can be intercepted, and they have a huge smoke trail to give away their position.
Happens often if you’re throwing them from long range and the pantsir or VT1 slinger is aware.

The best and easiest way to deal with any SAM at top tier is to fly in at low altitude, popping up so you can see the target at your lock range, firing and dropping back out of view and breaking off.

And you can do this is in any plane with FnF munitions.

i do that, but the only FnF thing i got is the 29T (not TE) on my brick of an Su-22M4.
i can only do that inside 12km (13 if lucky) and cannot get lock if im outside 12.
and i also have no IR seeker so targets gotta be spotted while im looking too.
any tips?

i can only do that inside 12km (13 if lucky) and cannot get lock if im outside 12.

Shouldn’t be a problem, in the GR1 I’m typically locking and launching at 7-6km. The whole idea of the low alt attacks is to get you within vehicle lock range so that if they move it doesn’t matter.

As for no thermals, if you’re hunting SAMs use your RWR to identify which direction they are in and in general just watch their spawns since it’s typically too dangerous to leave it for SAMs at top tier.

Nope won’t happen

Considering were talking about the pantsir…
Not rlly viable.
I think only the tornado can detect the search radar, and the tracking radar is invisible to all…
My sukhoi-22 cries

PGMs can be intercepted. Easier than AGMs

sigh, another one for the Kh- series then