Pantisir s1

Will you decide whether the jets will alert when there is a missile coming or not? Sometimes it alerts and sometimes it doesn’t, and especially with the pantsir s1, or explain the reason, the F16-c doesn’t alert when the missile comes in front? Or is it just you guys portraying Russian vehicles as better than they really are?
Sorry to be honest, I’ve been playing since 2012 and we get tired of problems like this or lack of information about Russian missiles that are invisible to detection.

And another, it reaches 20km, at certain points on the map, 15 or 16km away it says you are leaving the map… Just kidding

You simply do not understand the systems your jet has. RWR has blind spots and you will expose them when turning at high altitude.

Edit: as others have said below you also do not consider IRST modes on the Pantsir (and other SPAAs) to lead you.


Different radar warning receivers can pick up different frequencies of radar sources.
Pantsir S1’s tracking radar uses a unique frequency band, that is all.

All this information is available in-game.

and isn’t that unbalanced? Shouldn’t they put the s1 on when there is a jet it detects? or can compete?

And it’s a PESA rader, even your rwr can receive that band, it won’t show locking warning, like the TWS on top jets.
And it’s not quite a problem, other spaa have good IR lock which won’t tragger warning too, and Pantsir’s rader and IR lock work badly, shaking like drunk.

Unfortunately, Radars operate on certain bands and RWRs can only detect certain bands.

So not all RWRs can see all radars.

That being said, we need more MAWS systems on aircraft and other defensive aids like ECM

I think there is a language barrier here

Pantsir has IRST which doesn’t activate RWR, if you are against Russia do a 180 and climb to 10km alt.
Going supersonic above 10km will mean that any slight movement will cause the missiles to be incapable of hitting you