Panther II follow up

Continuing the discussion from Panther II:

So you are telling me realism and real facts have no significance in War Thunder? Why oppress the 3 German tanks to begin with then. I know no other reason but intolerance towards germany.

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…except that these projects are either made up by Gaijin or never took off to make a prototype vehicle.

I recommend continuing conversation in DMs rather than opening new needless topic about the same things you’ve been talking about seemingly forever.


This subject had been discussed numerous times. It is not a good idea to keep reopening the same topic. @Stona_WT has already stated that there are no plans to bring Panther II back. The explanations are given in “Changes and Optimization in German tech-tree”.

If you want to continue discussing such topics, please visit the Machinery of War section.


That is debatable.

Repetition sounds simple enough, but it requires a high level of patience. When stimuli are learned by repetition, they are remembered better and retained for a longer time. Studies have shown that the brain forms new pathways when a task is repeated often, thereby optimizing the performance of the skill.
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Importance of repetition in learning | The CPD Certification Service

That heresy is inacceptable.

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Please read and adapt