Panavia Tornado (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

Data is also listed as an estimate, where as the graph flame found doesn’t appear to have that. The structural limits aren’t particularly limiting in game as the 1.5X limit gives alot of head room for most aircraft. I’d be interested in seeing a SEP graph to see how much it could actually pull.


The FB-111A is a completely different aircraft to the F-111A. It was a redesigned fuselage, and longer wings. The F-111D is far closer to the F-111A than the FB-111A is.


We still can’t use GBU24 on the wing pylons. I’m personally still miffed they don’t let us use 500lb paveways either. We know the jet is capable and that the UK used this weapon, and the GR.4 is not coming for a very long time. Letting it carry greater numbers of lighter GBUs would really boost its effectiveness.

I still can’t see something that heavy pulling 12Gs like it’s no-ones business. The Tornado’s wings come off just thinking about trying that.

bearing in my Tornado GR.1 was ludicrous in terms of FM on Dev 1 of its release, i’d hold my breath.

and when I mean ludicrous i mean properly overperforming. no need to sweep wings until M1.10

It won’t. I don’t admittedly know a lot about the Vark, but I would happily put substantial amounts of money on it being a preliminary FM, and that it cannot pull 12Gs fully loaded.

So found the 111E which is just an A with an avionics change and newer intakes. Limited to 5.8G by flight test:

The speed limits are even worse at 600kts IAS but those are “estimated”

  1. source? link would be nice
  2. if that is true, holy cow. gonna be more bricky than Tornado, but that said it is carrying even more ludicrous amounts of payload

I’m guessing the way the new 12.3 MiG-29G has been handled as a second aircraft in the German tree after the 12.0 MiG-29 in order to merely accommodate R-73, is a pretty strong indication that an ASRAAM+AMRAAM capable Tornado F.3 CSP would be a separate aircraft from the AIM-9L+Skyflash Tornado F.3?

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First of all yes, second of all if we get csp we are getting a handicap in a handicap, as csp does not have midcourse guidence for amraam (datalink in a vague answear) aop got them. I hope if we get a new F3 it will be fsp, the last version of f3

Is there any news for the Tornado Gr1 mass of missing features?

Radar, CMs, ECMs, modified rails, Loadout options, etc?

Those are mechanics not even added in the game.

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A CM overhaul was hinted at to be in the works by Smin earlier in the year

(Couldnt find this)

We’ve had some datamined loadout icons, one of which looks like ECM

And both would make sense to come before or with Fox 3 that is likely now coming in Dec. Work out the bugs and get them working right now, would kinda make sense.

Im sure some modified 9Ls with extra launch range among other features wouldnt be that big of stretch to get.

CM I can understand but ECM? Some loadout icon mean it is coming? It obviously isn’t coming this update, I doubt a big of a feature would be showed early.

fair enough

I think it would be a logical counter for Fox 3. But Yeah, I doubt it would be added this late into the patch cycle now. But still worth an ask. But yeah getting our missing 1200 chaff would be a massive buff

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The tornado (both variants, but especially GR.1) appear to be too slow? Is there any source for the GR.1 struggling to pass 700kts - here (timestamped) you can see a test pilot talking about himself taking a GR.1 to 802 @ 2000ft.

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I thinks it’s very much loadout dependent

Still doesn’t appear to approach 800kts when clean.

Depends on external stores, a clean GR1 will have no issue getting up to 700kts.

Yes, but what I stated was that it should be doing 800+ (the flight manual stated not to exceed 800 - in the video his exact words are “I won’t admit to exceeding 800”)