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India delivered the first batch of TATA MRAPs. It seems they exported the most basic MRAP they had. Looks like it has 7.62 or 12.7mm turret.

Looks like my prediction was right. Its probably meant for UN missions.

sigh i was wrong to hope for anything pleasing to the eye from india

Just asking, is there any photo of a Pakistani J-10C with a western AAM on it except PL-8/Python-3?

Since they have sometimes carried NATO missiles such as AIM-9P, AIM-9L, Matra Magic 1, etc. on their Chinese aircraft, I wonder if the J-10C, that was introduced just a few years ago, can be loaded in the same way as the old PAF jets.

Indeed. At least that Kalyani M4 was good looking.

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Not sure about J-10 but JF-17 can use ASRAAM and AMRAAM

as far as ive seen, there are no AMRAAMs on the J-10 probably because the SD-10 outranges it and is kinematically better

Does it get base SD-10 or SD-10A? Base SD-10 sucks in game.

it has SD-10A and probably has SD-10B as well.

(bottom left)

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I’ll vote yes if it gets a Tuk Tuk with a 30mm strapped to the top.


how about 40mm?

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historically accurate three wheeler

What about the Mirage III. The PAF have something called “Project ROSE”

Yep, PAF had project ROSE (retrofit of strike element)
Which made their mirage III and V aicraft compatible with a lot of western weaponry such as GBUs and Aim-9L, etc.
It also had radars installed on the mirages capable of around 75km detection as well as exocet missiles and domestic nuclear, cruise, stealth missiles and glide blombs.
Radar slaving and other avionics abilities were also integrated