Pages of History - The Event battles

The Pages of History are a great idea, but there are some of us among your player base that would love to try those machines against each other, the same way they versed each other historically. It is understood that this is impossible for some machines in the regular battles for the sake of balance, but thematic event battles would be perfect for such a thing. There are many unused or rarely used in-game mechanics that would also work well with this, such as:
Carriers - It would be awesome to get to use aircraft carriers in Vietnam setting for Phantoms (while consulting fellow players on this topic the question what would MiG21s do in this, it was concluded that the best option would be intercepting a swarm of AI Thunderchiefs), or the Gulf of Sidra incident, or even classic Midway or Guadacanal maps for WW2.
Advanced weaponry - Guided weaponry is done very well in the game, but there is no setting to use it, GRB has made AA too powerful, and ARB is just a mess right now.
And much, much more could be accomplished with bringing back event battles!


World War mode is pretty much that. You get scenarios that have specific line ups of period vehicles to play.
Sadly its not very popular because it outside the routine grind of random battles and the interface is not very good. It doesn’t seem to be an area Gaijin is prioritizing.
Have you played the single player missions?

I have tried single player missions, but the single player aspect is kind of an issue with it. The other big issue is that it’s obvious that the missions were forgotten by the devs long ago, with the 1.35 update it seems, since the newest aircraft you can use are mig15s.