P-51D-20-NA for Event tasks?

Hi, I want know your opinion on this:

I am grinding out Yak-3 event vehicle. I have Ki-100-II and B7A2 Homare at 3rd rank, which I have been using for it so far.
Then I realized I have 4th rank plane the Israeli S-199 Sakeen, which has higher event multiplier than my Japanese planes by being 1 rank higher. Obviously it is not a great plane, but I managed to unlock P-51D-20-NA with it and I want to know your opinion, whether it is worth it to buy and finish the grind with it, or if I should just keep using Japanese planes and leave this one for another sale which I normally do for unlocked vehicles.

You should use the highest vehicle you can, the more higher the BR and rank, more the multiplier, P-51 is a solid fighter, you should try it.

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Yeah, trying different plane is an argument in my head, but from what I have heard so far, it is very niche fighter by having poor climb and not very maneuverable, I doubt I would earn with him more score per battle than with my rank 3 Japanese planes.

It’s a D20 which is a very bad ish D model. You can still use it but it’ll take more effort to get it working. Still better than the 199 IMO

But isn’t it worse than those Japanese planes I have?

Worse? Eh, it just plays different. It can’t full commit to turn fights as it’ll bleed speed too fast while being able to retain energy better when in straight line.
If you’re performing better in the jap rank 3s then by all means go for those, take consistency and something familiar over something you have to learn and will get randomish results in.
Edit: i know you’re going for the multiplier score, .1 of a difference will not be too huge there, just focus on consistent performance and go for smart, thought out plays

I have no issue with learning new and challenging planes, but it takes time and right now, the event is the priority and I have doubts I would be able to consistently perform in challenging aircraft like this to utilize bigger multiplier.

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Aye, understandable. In the end go for what you think suits you best. And good luck of course ))

You should use the highest vehicle you can, but the P-51 is more of a support fighter. The D-20 does not have the truly insane engine power of the P-51H so it has to act as a more support fighter. i would recommend speedrunning the Spitfires and the Meteors. Within the Israeli tree, those will serve you the best for this.

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