Option to block vertical guidance on unstabilized tanks while moving on 3rd person

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Similar to the option of locking vertical aiming while braking, an option that would block vertical movements while driving on 3rd would help on having your gun leveled with the tank and pointed forward instead of it being too high or too low because the gunner tries to compensate for every movement and bump, if the tank is on the move and in 3rd person vertical drive would be locked or be made to move much slower to not overcompensate for bumps and terrain, if done in Sniper mode the gun would be allowed to move as normal

This is unrealistic behavior because if the tank is through rough terrain the gunner wouldn’t move the gun up and down for every slight bump the tank might go over instead letting the gun bounce with the hull and only move it vertically when trying to aim at a target

In the examples I provide one is done with a full stabilizer; the gun keeps pointing where the target is at all times
one is done without the stabilized and letting the gunner correct the bumps; the gunner bounces around the gun and when I want to shoot the gun is too depressed to be on target
the last is done while I hold C to simulate the locked vertical moves; the gunner allows the gun to bounce with the hull but I have no control where the gun is pointing unless I let go of C and let the gun bounce again

The disadvantage of letting the gunner correct for bumps is that your vertical aim will be off
The disadvantage of holding C to lock aiming is that you cannot control the gun
Adding an option to lock vertical aiming while on the move would allow you to keep on target horizontally which is where most movement is done but keeping vertical aim somewhat on target and only correcting it when you need it to

Idk about this one… It seems like an artificial buff to unstabilized tanks… I could see how this works IRL, but idk if I’d want it in game. Gonna be a no from me for rn… I’ll have to think it over before I change my vote


I think there is already an option in game to disable vertical guidance while driving.

only when braking sadly

my idea is to lock vertical controls while driving, not lock the gun on a target
meaning you cant move the gun up or down unless you go into sniper mode and aim

stabilized tanks would still have an edge because even if you lock the gun and dont move it up or down while driving it might still not be on target since it would be locked to bounce with the hull while a stabilized tank’s would be able to aim freely and stay on target

hope it makes sense

This will be really helpful for TDs that have no stabilizer and slow vertical traverse.

It would be a nice feature to be able to not only lock the vertical guidance on the tank, but also the horizontal traverse.

So being able to lock the cannon into a certain position compared to the hull, just with a keybind.

So in theory, you would be able to lock the cannon at 0degree vertical over the left corner of the tank, and when you turn the tank, it stays in that exact locked position.

The advantage of it, would be you would be able to angle your turret for more effectiveness at a certain angle, and then being able to wiggle, without the turret loosing the optimal angle.

You would not want to do this. To be realistic, you would only be able to change elevation from the gunner’s view (“sniper mode”). In the 3rd person aiming circle will be bouncing all over the place.
You can’t really predict what elevation you are going to need it at. So even if you can “lock” elevation, you are still going to have to do final lay to fire. At least now you can do it “from the hip” in 3rd person, and who hasn’t gotten a kill from a “snap shot”. Locking EL will mean you have no chance for that.

Hmm okay. I’d like to see this tested like the Fox-3’s

There is a way around this: in the settings you can turn on a certain feature, can’t remember the exact name but it keeps your gun pointed in the same exact direction while free-looking. This enables you to point your gun in a flat, forward facing angle, then hold the free-look button, and start moving. The gun will then stay pointed in the same direction until you release the free-look button.

you can already kinda do that with free view but you need to have “Fix gun direction in mouse view” enabled in Common controls
the downside of this is that sure, you can look around but you cant control the gun
you can use “Driver assistance mode” which makes the tank hull follow the turret’s movements but this wouldnt solve the problem of the gunner correcting every bounce while driving which is the main issue im trying to tackle

i personally prefer having the option to lock the gun vertically and let me do the aiming instead of having the gun be thrown around, thats why if the change goes through it should be an option that you can turn on or off for personal preference

thats what i used in the “locked” example in the video
disadvantage of this is that you cant control the gun at all
i would rather be able to move the gun freely horizontally but keep it locked vertically if im in 3rd person or driving above certain speed because i’ve been killed too many times because i decided to drive forward 10 meters but it was bumpy, my gun had slow vertical traverse and the gunner was bouncing it to keep it center instead of keeping it locked with the hull

The gun will be throw around much worse if it is not following the 3rd person aiming circle. ie; if the gunner was “off the controls”.
What you are really asking for is to get a stabilization added. Which is not how that works IRL or in game.

did you even bother to read my post and watch the video?

Yes. What makes you think you are going to always be on in the vertical if the gun is held to any arbitrary angle?

i dont get what you’re trying to say

here’s another example of what im saying

fully stabilized = gun always on target
not stabilized = gunner will compensate for any bumps and will put the gun too high or too low to be on target
Locking controls with free view = the gunner will let the gun bounce with the hull (which is good) but you wont be able to control the gun horizontally (which is bad)

My idea = keybind or toggle to keep vertical locked to the hull (not where you’re pointing) so no bump compensation but allow horizontal movements

Your video is misleading. A tank that doesn’t have a stabilizer isn’t going to be any more quicker to get on target if the gun is locked in elevation. Maybe even worse. Go in a test drive in a tank without stab. Do one “berm drill” from third person aiming the circle on the target. Now do another one where you has selected a “secondary weapon” like a TC’s .50 cal. and the gun isn’t under player control. Get up then switch to gunner view. You won’t find it anywhere near being on target compared to regular.

i disagree
keeping the gun pointed with the hull and avoiding pointless vertical corrections helps stay on target
specially in a game where most targeting is done horizontally

i tested with stabilizer enabled and disabled…

not every tank has the depression to peek over obstacles/hills/mounds and need to either go around to have an angle or go over the obstacle and if said tank has no stabilizer, when the tank goes up, the gunner tries to point the gun down to compensate, then the tank goes down and the gunner points up
all this does is throw your aim around instead of just locking the gun vertically with the hull and wait until you’re stable to properly make the shot

i dont see the need to do any more testing with a roof machine gun or anything as im convinced i got my point across with enough examples
just vote no and move on

In general should the gun only move when pressing an aim button.

At the moment it’s the opposite. I need to use free-look to look around to prevent the gun moving all the time.

Or at least an option to switch it around would be nice. So when I use the button my gunner starts to aim where I point.

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