Opinions on top 5 Top Tier Helicopters

I am just starting to grind (with my ground vehicles) helicopters. I was wondering what experienced heli pilots consider the top 5 high tier helicopters; top tier defined as 11.3 to 11.7. I am assuming the 2 Russian helis (Mi-28NM and Ka-52) will generally be 1 and 2, but really have no idea what folks think from there on. Or maybe something else edges out the Russians.


Ground Spaa Helicopters Planes
ka52 S A S B
teapache B+ S A A
z10 B C+ B S
Any f&f heli on good map A S A C
Any f&f heli on bad map C C A C

What about the Mi-28NM? It’s better than the Ka-52 in terms of gun traverse angles, DIRCM and ATGMs (Khrizantema>Vikhrs).

Another thing, most F&F can use Hellfires K in shitty maps, shouldn’t them have the same score than the Teapache (B+) in ground?

± the same in GRB. But the Ka52 is much better for sim, because the view from the cockpit is much better.


I’ll give it out in list format;

  1. Mi 28MN

  2. Ka-52/Ka-50

3.Tiger HAD (w spike)/Top tier Mangusta

  1. AH-60

  2. Z-10

Edit: This is strictly for Ground RB matches, this does not pertain to sim.

More like B-. 4 hellfires is a pretty small amount. You’d have to reload too often. For me to spend 2-5 Hellfire on one tank is a common situation. (the target will drive behind a tree/houses and there are already 3 missiles missed, 1 caused a crit and finally the fifth has killed the target).

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Thank you!! I like your breakdown methodology.

Thank you!

Unless spikes have drastically different flight path to pars, i wouldnt rank F&F helis above C in heli combat or at least make it conditional.

Well, it’s complicated. It’s like it’s actually become easier to dodge them lately. There may have been some sort of nerf when they introduced more f&f with spikes. Although if you launch 3 with some interval, they still kill helis pretty well.

The main danger of pars/spikes still remains. You find out about the existence of the missile only 3-4 seconds before it hits your face.

Reason why i would rank them lower is due to experience with PARS flight path.

At longer distances, i always watched as the missile struggles to reach helicopters higher than me. Frustrates me to no end.

The teapache is good because it has starstreaks, as a first spawn even, which are really good against light vehicles and good (if inconsistent) against air targets.

I also have to ask, how bad is the American AH-64D in the game? I know it is nowhere near the best and sadly I rarely see them when I am in ground RB, but they are such an iconic attack helicopter. Is the AH-64D truly bad or are they average or are they good but not as good as they should be?

It is hard to discern its real state on the forums since some opinions are given by folks who never actually flew the vehicle or sometimes they overstate weaknesses to get buffs (of course they can also be spot on in their criticisms).

Also, do you think Gaijin might add the Apache Guardian relatively soon?


They both have DIRCM

We never even got all the gear for the Longbow XD

US Helis aren’t gonna get jack until RU get their FNF missiles

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Mi-28NM DIRCM is more modern with better coverage angles IRL, not sure if Gaijin models it tho.

In game ka-52 DIRCM is better, they are copy paste but Ka-52 has 2 DIRCM units mi-28nm only has 1.

Also it should work against 9M, but 9M doesn’t give a shit about DIRCM. After you fire it it will still hit.

Truly the most busted missile in the game after Ty-90.

S a d M o m e n t

I believe in Mi-28s SUPREMACY (cockpit when, Gaijin?)

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Yes, we need cockpit, and HMD for Ka and MI

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I used Mi-28NM for a year but recently started using Ka-52, having to sacrifice atgms for igla is so bad in mi-28