Opinions of the state of minor nations in War Thunder

The biggest issue of “minor” nations is their lower profitability for Gaijin. Gaijin is influenced by profit only, many historical issues are ignored (not a bug) if there is not a sufficient threat or possibility of increased profit. For example, refusal to fix the tens of issues of ZTZ99A. But, when the American community was in uproar about uranium armour, a 5 second reload was readily dispensed (which is also due to the fallacious statistics-based balancing of Gaijin).

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Dont know much about the other nations, but gaijn really needs to take a look at swedish aircraft BR’s, at least for the J22/J21.

J22-B is the most egregious issue.

I’m disappointed with the state of Italy, France, and Israel. Major TT gaps, underperforming vehicles, and a lack of diverse playstyles.

Italy suffers from TT gaps and underperforming vehicles.

Israel suffers from TT gaps, underperforming vehicles, and a lack of diverse vehicles.

France suffers from TT gaps, underperforming vehicles, and a lack of diverse vehicles.

Israel and France have many vehicles that could be added to fix this issue. I’m not well versed in French designs, but even I know they have loads of wheeled vehicles to pick from. Israel has just been neglected. Sure, we finally have something of a TD line, but it’s basically non-existent. There’s plenty of unique and non-copy/paste additions that could be placed there. As for Israel’s light tank and IFV line, they haven’t even tried. I can only recall the tech tree having a single AML-90.

I’m sure other tech trees have their issues, but I don’t really know how to comment on them as I’ve rarely played or interacted with them. As someone who plays Israel and France though, I’d love to see these flourish.

Complaining about France not having enough vehicles?

Another low tier AA next update, take it or leave it.


They do have a tech tree gap from 9.7 to 11.7, so I think they should get some love. They’re also missing a large portion of variety towards the top of their tech tree for Ground Battles. France has a mobility doctrine, so seeing them not get their wheeled additions is sad. Same also goes for the US.

God forbid Gaijin adds Light tanks to help fill France and Britain.

Still waiting for Gaijin to add LITERALLY ANYTHING to Israel thats not a M60 / Merkava.

Just some Israel tanks they could add.

Achzarit IFV
Namer IFV
Sholef SPG
AMX-13 60mm HVMS

The Israeli tree suffers from the same Gaijin created problem that France does. Current tree has large capability gaps, people don’t play said tree, Gaijin uses lack of players to justify not spending effort to add possible vehicles. It’s a viscous cycle and it’s gonna take Gaijin just ignoring current player numbers to build a desirable tree.

Both trees also suffer from the same problem at top tier, nothing to offer expect AA and bad MBTs.

Comment pulled from Israel

This problem extends to UK, Italy, Sweden, Japan, China there so many vehicles these nations could get but since “Low player count” the nations don’t get anything.

All minor nations need is a focus devs have on major nation - prioritize adding vehicles to minor trees until they have everything major nations have.
It’s just ridiculous to see yet another CAS su25 now with 20km AGMs while best thing I have is hardcoded 8km max range type81(if lucky to get good weather).
Ridiculous to get a poor copy-paste into the tree that is missing entire vehicle categories in some lineups while major nation that already have everything gets another unique thing.

Minor nations are minor because devs don’t give them a thing, not because of something about nation itself.

All ten tech trees currently get equal attention.
Equal attention =/= equal output; despite that they tend to have similar outputs regardless.

This is a wrong idea. Before Sweden ruled this game, who would be interested in Sweden?
When a country’s vehicles perform well enough, people naturally grind that country
The current situation with TT in China is that over 60% of the content is copied and pasted.
And at least half of those self-developed vehicles perform extremely poorly.
Until 2023, gaijin is still adding M41A3 to TT in China. Even if there are more self-developed/modified vehicles to choose from.
Who would be interested in such an unattractive situation?
If you ask a Chinese player, what do you think of the performance of Chinese TT in this game?
Everyone will only give consistent negative reviews.

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Not just the gun shield, any part of the 99A is wrong. From the chassis, side profile to the turret, and size. Everything is wrong

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It will take maybe 3 years till 99A gets fixed. And sprinkle in some C&P vehicles for your troubles.

I play China, Italy, France and Sweden as minor nations, and they are not bad. I would say I like Italy the most, despite what ptople say, I really love their vehicles! I would say my biggest let down is China, it is a great tree but currently in-game they only hve like 30% of domestic chinese tanks in it, and I want more of them added.

When China first joined this game, I could say without hesitation that 90% of the content was copied and pasted. They have never taken Chinese TT seriously.
And. there is also a traitor data officer in China who is trying to make all Chinese vehicles perform as poorly as possible
Until being driven away by angry players

wherein,20% of them performed extremely poorly.
Only content copied and pasted from the United States and the Soviet Union can obtain an equal status
Full of Russian bias

I think you should consider that Gaijin uses copypastes whenever they can. It’s a stopgap (that becomes permanent) that they can use to fill the TT with minimal effort

But currently, Chinese TT is already full enough, isn’t it?
it needs more independently designed and modified vehicles.
What I see now is still a mixed TT almost composed of the Soviet and the US

Huh? I think they are performing mid-subpar

Also ive submitted two reports about the J21A

They are uh…

Just… just a bit overtiered. please help me why is J22-B at 4.0 this thing only has two more 13.2mms over the J22-A and is the same otherwise

Well if you hit your shots it devistates the enemy, and its reasonably agile for 4.0 and can just evade its enemies. However the ripspeed of the J22s are grossly overexacturated. The top speed meter just means, ”hey idiot! You are going above the speed this aircraft is supposed to perform around. In reality the J22s could reach 670km/h down to 1500m and not rip at 600km/h like it pretty much does.

This is all in a dive of course, and pilots who flew the J22 described it to be good in terms of manueverability not locking up untill 650km/h

After all it did perform around the same level as the P51

The J22-A.

Is 3.0.

With the only difference being having two 8mms in place of two 13.2mms.

The J22-B can be decent, but it is no means good, 'least in AB. It should probably be ~3.3, since the -A is 3.0. (Or honestly 3.0, with the -A at 2.7)

Um, i dont play arcade. I play the J22B regurarly as a Air-Defence fighter and defend against Attackers and help allied aircraft to defend agains the enemies more manueverable aircraft.

The J22B should not be played offensively, personaly i think it performed worse at its lower br since its manueverability was bad for its BR