Opentrack stopped working for me since last update

I use opentrack for headtracking most of the time and it has always been working just fine. But ever since I downloaded the minor update today, it just does not work anymore.

I tried pretty much everything I could think of and so far I have not been able to get it fixed. Restarting opentrack, WT and my PC several times, starting opentrack as admin, closing all background apps, reloading control theme in WT, reinstalling opentrack, messing around with opentrack settings and so on. Nothing seems to help.

Am I the only one or does anyone else have problems with opentrack right now? Or headtracking in general maybe?
(VR works fine btw)

Got it working again. To be fair, it had nothing to do with the WT update.

If anyone ever has the same problem: if your output is set to “freetrack 2.0 enhanced”, click on the options icon, and set “select interface” to “enable both”.

I think I messed with that setting during my last WT session. It had no immediate effect, so I just forgot about it. But apparently after closing and restarting opentrack, that option screwed me over.
Live and learn I guess…