OP Helicopter KA50-52 Crocodile Nightmare

The Russian KA-50-52 Crocodile helicopter flew only once without a small part of the tail when it was attacked but that part that was hanging down still kept it upright.
I, for one, am fed up with the Russian helicopters that are “destroyed”, I say so because after Vehicle Destroyed appears, it still continues to fly and make left-right turns, i.e. maneuvers, and still manages to destroy other tanks from the ground.
This scenario seems too sci-fi to me and I would ask you to correct these errors. I invested a lot of time and a lot of money in this game to be able to endure this (although I started it a few months ago this helicopter is a nightmare, why doesn’t it fall from the sky after it appears to be destroyed like other helicopters)
Does it seem to me or do you favor this aspect? As all Russian vehicles are not modified with every update like other vehicles after we pay for them.

Kamov Helicopters can fly and maneuver without tail due to its construction.

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The problem is that they’re modelled as empty space. They should still be unable to fly after taking sufficient damage.

But you shouldn’t be saying that investing time and money means your word is absolute. A one of post demanding change won’t go anywhere because we’re more then aware of the problem.

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If you want to know about how Kamovs fly like that, its because helicopters needs stabilisation, and classocal way of achieving it is making a second rotor in the back, however Kamovs go around it by using second rotor at same placement as first one to stabilise itself.
(i may have used wrong words, if i did excuse me, English is not my first language)

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I arleady knew about that.

Just making sure others and OP do, as well as adding background to yours message comrade.

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I serve the Soviet Union, comrade.

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The issue you both missed is that the vehicle is technically destroyed but still able to be piloted for a short time until the time expires or the player J’s out. This has long been an issue with aircraft in warthunder. It would be no different if you got credited for a tank kill but that tank had 15 seconds to still drive around a shoot.

It was longer than 15 seconds.


Yes, but Gaijin refuses to implement damaged modules like sensors, optics and ballistic computers in the game. If A Ka-52/50 got half of its tail gone after being hit with a rocket then fine it should be able to fly but nothing on it should still be operable (rockets, flares, machine guns).

They removed that and its a good thing. You can land and repair most of the times, since for some stupid reason you can’t guide missiles when “dead” even though you may be still in working order. Instead of fixing damage models they do dumb shit like this to suit their incompetence

Thats if the needed modules get hit, but thats true for every heli, as well as true for tanks (we have scopes being able to break but it does nothing rn), but if Ka50/52 lose tail im pretty sure they lose just module to measure speed and radio or smth.

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Depends on how much of the tail is lost. If it’s a comical amount like in the video it should already be exploding, but if it’s damage like the photo it’s still fine.
So somewhere in between should logically be the normal damahe threshold.

If its the that point of the tail then it loses only its speed measuring module and something i think is a radio.
Gaijin shouldnt just give kill message for Kamovs losing their tail since getting their tail struck off isnt enough due to their nature.

Losing the entirety of the tail is still catastrophic damage and it wouldn’t be able to fly at all.
If only the tip is lost then yeah I agree it’s still in a workable state.

It will only impact how well it handles which applies more tp simulator battles where theres no things helping you to pilot. Kamovs have different way of stabilising themselves.
Plus im pretty sure you can only lose your tail like in video, so if to somehow model it devs need to make tail more modeled in.

I’m aware. It’s still catastrophic damage and wouldn’t be able to fly properly, there’s this thing called physics and the helicopter would be unbalanced.
It wouldn’t fall out of the sky or do spins in a classic helicopter, but it still wouldn’t be able to do much.

The Ka-50/52 aren’t wonder weapons that can ignore physics like people think.

It wouldn’t be able to aim its rockets very well due to centering being off but thats it, and im pretty sure for planes that stuff is literally accounted for by the game itself so again, will probably affect sim battles.

No. It’s needing to land at best.

That literally has been looked at when V-80 (kinda like prototype name for Ka-50) was tested where they took off its tail to look at its capabilities.
Though it should be fine until around 200 km/h, which is from test results.