OP Helicopter KA50-52 Crocodile Nightmare

Again, if it’s coming anywhere close to the video levels that’s still catastrophic damage.

So you just say nuh uh in that case.
There were also testinf with shooting tail off with V-80 and it still was able to fly and land. Unless Kamov goes more than 200 than it is, but until that its fine to fly.

Also was looking at Kamlvs history and look at this goofy image of Ka-8

Kind of. Unless you can show proof of the V-80 having an endurance flight with only the front section I’ll assume it’s false.
If it’s just the tip of the tail I’ve said that I agree that it’s still survivable.

While I took another look at the video, while the damage isn’t as catastrophic as I thought, it’s still severe. The helicopter should have been completely obliterated after a few hits into it. Some hits should have destroyed the rotors, causing it to be unable to move or completely lose stability.
It goes back to a lack of modelling.

That’s got to be one of the the funnier early helicopters I’ve ever seen.

And to how helis shrug off literally most damage they take, you can hit them with APDSFS many times yet it smh will be weaker than MG spraying it.

Because they got rid of hull break, and they don’t model all the millions of critical aeronautics modules, so you have to actually hit the pilot or ammo or whatever or it’s the same as shooting a milk truck.

u all crying about the ka50 or ka52 and you forgat that there are clown helicopters that can roll and fire atmgs at the same time very realistic.

Incorrect modelling leading to worse nonsense where a helicopter can tank explosions and up to APFSDS is more important of a problem.