One spawning is such an issue it'll kill games in under 3 minutes

There needs to be some sort of penalty for this sort of behavior. Something as simple as an hour long suspension that forces people to spawn at least twice. One spawning makes certain BRs completely unplayable. My 9.0 (now 9.3) Japan lineup is useless since every game is just waiting till my half team dies then I just end up in the hanger. I hope this resonates with other people.

So You want to force people to play one more time and give enemies one more free kill thus more SP?


Yes, I want teammates that are forced to play longer and actually contribute to giving their team a fighting chance. I’d rather my opponents have more SP and play the game than have the enemy have less SP but the game is over in less than 5 minutes. I mean what do you even mean man they aren’t driving out trying to get shot they’re just dying after a strat didn’t work and then leaving.

This automatically excludes

If you force me to play I will do anything in my power to make you regret forcing me to play.

Forcing players to play or punishing them for playing not long enough are childish things. Those kind of punishments work in small team based games like DotA or LoL and evener there they have not curbed the trend by much. In WT it is utterly pointless.
Did the 1 deather have maybe only 1 vehicle? could he not afford his others? Die he die to the pleathera of utter rage inducing circumstances this game purposfully has thanks to gajin?
When I bother spawning and I then 1death it is almost always a ragequit. A way to not smash in my screen because Volumetric or some other bullshit happaned.

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If you force leavers to keep spawning they will troll you. They will rush with fast and low tier vehicles so they get killed soon, they will pick a plane and climb to space, they will pick a SPAA and become near afk in spawn, or they might even actively troll other teammates by smoking them, calling arty on them, pushing them so they miss shots, everything so they get killed fast and the match ends ASAP.
The fact that people still spawn doesn’t makes it good by it self. There is a lot of people who are near bots when playing. Having them spawning is giving your enemy more points, so when you kill them, they will spawn more and more tanks.

It’s a feature, not a problem.


I’m also certain I get more pissed than you at this game and I still don’t one spawn its not an excuse. If you dont want to play then take the penalty its not forever and tis probably enough time to cool off anyways. It doesn’t excuse the fact that its impossible to play the game when you don’t have a team. Your rage quitting makes the game worse for everyone else, it’s not pointless its solving an actual issus.

If you don’t want to spawn twice you’ll almost certainly rush in and die, which while irritating, isn’t that large of a contribution. When it comes to the enemy getting more spawn points that’s not an argument. The two sides are either: people are forced to spawn therefor granting the enemy team more SP, giving them further tanks theoretically, or: the enemy team just wipes half your team anyways and you get spawn camped out of the game??? Like what dude I’d rather the enemy team spawn 4 more times than just getting killed in spawn 3 minutes into the game.

This whole game is a feature by that logic