One Spawn Quitters

When my friend still played game and we played in squads I used to use full lineups because I know we have a huge impact on how battle can end. And having someone in squad who liked to do CAP and acted like scout when there wasn’t enemy CAS was amazing. But in solo games where you have absolutely no control who do you play still depending on your team mates is just bad idea.


I play in a squad with friends when I can, but we are not always online together and also not always wanting to play the same thing.

A squad of 4 is still a hard press to win when you are the only 4 that havent 1 death left.

And your own team 1DLing isnt the only unfun thing. Its no fun when the enemy team 1 death leaves either.

Im here to play the game, which means shooting tanks and having a challenge of fighting other players. I am not here to drive around a map, only getting to shoot one thing before driving into their spawn because they all 1DLd. And then spending more time staring at loading screens or sitting in queue.

If people claim that my idea of “fun” being forcing them to stay in the match, effects their idea of fun and its unfair on them, then I dont care. Their idea of “fun” effects my idea of fun, to play the game as originally intended. So they can suck it up and if I had my way, anyone who left with enough spawn points to respawn would be locked out of joining another battle AT ALL until the one they left from had ended.

And as long as this is the norm


people will be just leaving games

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that is far, far from the only reason people leave games. Anyone that would 1DL a game due to that would leave it anyway

So how many changes have to be made in order for people to admit that air is also the reason people leave games after first death?


Yea, you may want to reread what I said. I am on the side of player choice in leaving games whenever they want. One death or 15 deaths, doesn’t matter to me.

This isn’t agreeing with you at all. I actively challenged your claim of “all the newbies who make an account and immediately buy a top tier prem” being the primary group that ODLs. I even took the time to research into the game you showed, and only 2 of the 11 players that left with one death were new players.

Some friendly advice on how to have more fun when people leave and ruin your fun

And this is also part of my argument on why punishing people who leave a game is a stupid idea.

I did not say anything remotely similar to what you did, I said the opposite. I believe a player can leave a game for whatever reason they feel like because it is ultimately their choice to continue in a recreational activity. I have no clue how you misunderstood that, especially with a challenge to your point of view based on the game picture you showed everyone.


One tank lineup was possible from closed beta so ODL is one of it is intended way to play. DEVs knew from the start that they will sell premiums to speed up progress. If it was not intended devs would remove it already.

And believe me, locking all crew slots instead of unused one would not solve your problem. Crew lock is only for 9 minutes at max. There are also other conditions that disables crew lock like leaving while enemy is near spawn points or leaving while having no more vehicles to spawn(one tank lineup). Reserve vehicles cannot get crew lock. Backups are not required to be used as they can be bought with GE and forcing to use it will only result of nobody buying it.

I know I am will always be safe with one tank lineup because this is what Gaijin will never change as newbies buying premium tanks is their priority and they will never apply crew lock on them because they know they would not get more money from them.


I’ve long said the outliers are outliers not because they’re great players. If the WT gods were serious about getting rid of illegal mods they would just go to the stats and look at those players are a too good.

i mean… most games are carried/won by 2 or 3 people… if you are unable to carry, as 4… then you guys are probably… trash at the game

(sure, bad games for people, but… as someone who plays 99% solo, if i had 3 other decent players/teammates, i could win 80% of games)

When im playing with my two friends we consistently win 90%.

That still doesnt change the fact that in order to carry it becomes exponentially harder when your squad of 4 are the only ones the enemy has left to shoot at.

You said you like a challenge so where is the problem when it gets harder?

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i mean… you could be taking that out of context… His statement can mean 1. as you took it he wants it to be difficult and challenging…

orrrr 2. it can be taken as he wants to play against actual people and not computers (while the 2 things are similar they dont mean the exact same things. sooo you could be incorrectly assuming)

Yeah man, its such a fun challenge when you are the only 3 players in the match being surrounded by the enemy team in your spawn after only your first death, 3 minutes into the game because everyone else left. Or you get to fire your gun twice before driving into the enemy spawn and waiting for the few unlucky people left on the enemy team who didnt 1DL to respawn and have their spawn protection so you can claw back some timy amount of RP and SL to make the last 5 minutes of your limited time per day you have to play this game not a complete waste.

i mean… you should count your blessings (and limit your complaining)

At least you have friends/squadmates to rely on… Usually i have to do what you are describing, Solo… as in… Alone

being shot at by 4 different people… from entirely different angles/areas of the map… oh… and a plane, no wait… 2.

Why do you think I rarely play above 9.0 unless im in a squad?

I only play with my friends once or twice a week due to schedule differences too. When Im solo I rarely touch top tier, I normally stick to a max of 8.7, where the 1DLs arent as common.


only, i dont really have anyone i play with. I have plenty of people on my friends list, i just never reach out. i should prolly change that… but… i dont wanna risk getting stuck with morons (most people are)

Just imagine if they decided to implement that punishment right now. That if you leave after one death you get crew locked even if you have just one vehicle in lineup.

All those players who bought premium tank to grind tech tree will basically be scammed with bait and switch tactic. Imagine paying up to 70 euros for premium vehicle just to not be able to play properly.

Imagine being newbie who got into game after seeing those fancy trailers with modern stuff. He tries game by playing couple battles with reserves, he enjoys it little bit, but it isn’t the modern stuff that was in trailers. He tries high tier premium tank of his tech tree and see how much better that tank is in all aspects. It also has some fancy features that reserve vehicles does not have like thermals, LRF or it can fire ATGMs. He sees that this vehicle have bonuses to research and it can actually effectively research entire tech tree and it will do it faster than playing with tech tree vehicles. He buys that vehicle as 70 euros is like new game these days. After 20 used backups he gets slapped by crew lock after he dies and leaves battle. If it was me I would probably chargeback the payment and move to another game.

Also if they implemented such a punishment in game I would not touch any new tech tree as I am here for modern stuff and not WWII. And grinding tech tree without premium to get to modern stuff is just pain.

And if someone to go by grinding with tech tree vehicles there would be no point buying premium ones because if you reach that acceptable BR it is cheaper to just buy talisman on tech tree vehicle.

I also believe that it would not reduce ODL at all as there is still maximum of 9 minutes of crew lock that is counted from start of battle and after 9 minutes you do not get crew lock at all. So it would probably only deter players from buying premium vehicles to grind tech trees.


won’t blame you for that lol. What the other dude said about missing comebacks is true tho. I’m not much of a ODL so that’s not much of an issue to me, but I will certainly leave early if all I have left is a SPAA on a match that was won 5 minutes prior to my death.

There is higher chance of being obliterated by CAS again than having good comeback games so it is not worth it. At least that is what it was in my experience.

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