Oki. hear me out here... Custom settings for each plane or nation

when i fly planes i like to change settings depending on what kind of plane I’m flying
for example, when i fly German with a large caliber gun for cas i like to bind i separately so that i don’t use my precious ammo meant for ground targets when i shoot at plane

but when i then go over and fly to another nation or another plane with no such high caliber
i cant fire my gun cause i forgot to reset my settings and the caliber is 20mm or higher so it is bound to
my ‘‘CAS canon’’ settings

and i miss out on my kill or i get killed cause of that setting

Just with your topic’s title, that dont give the it doesn’t make you want to listen…

But i’m a good mood: Read this:

with a minimum of attention to what you want to do, you can save your “precious 20mm ammo”.

its a handy guide

but not really what i mean
cause i use the same settings for other planes that have different features

yea wow where did that come from mate??

what do you mean by - minimal awareness situation sense?

I understand what you are saying. You want custom key binds for individual aircraft. For the best Answer skip to the bottom.

It would be a quality of life thing I’m afraid. So it probably would not be a priority or even a mention anytime soon. The closest thing I can think of is having a custom set of keys for nations that have extra weapons. Either craft your own, save them, and load them as needed or just bind new keys the old fashioned way. Painful as it can be.

I myself have countless keys bound and memorized for my vehicles. A lot of “Shift+” and “Alt+” .

Best answer: Get a gaming mouse with a bunch of extra buttons. Some have more than you could ever need. Bind key to button. Done. Cheap ones for about 15 USD. Otherwise they can go for 150 USD+ depending on brand.

yea it is a quality of life thing
i tried to suggest it but they kept deleting the pending with no explanation
so just had to come out with it

and yea have binds on mouse
but can only have so many before they start to mix with different planes