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I propose that the off side rule be added to spawn area in ground tank battles while there are capture still open. If you enter enemy spawn area not only is your tank become visable to the enemy on maps your weapons are also disabled. WT community is not very sporting at the best of times. I personally concider entering enemy spawn as a cheap and unsporting way to get kills. Off side is a rule in many sports that prevent goal mooching.
There is no reason for anyone to enter enemy spawn unless all capture points have been captured. If you cap defend it or move onto next cap, give the enemy chance to play. This will reduce ODL’s buy a large amount.

War is about destroying your enemy not murder of prisoners of war. Obviously we have players in the community who are thirsty for blood


Red is offside


Another issue would rise if this is implemented. This would encourage the players to stay at their side at engage targets from there. Some vehicles will receive massive benefit from this while some will become obsolete.


Please explain your theory how some will benefit and some will become obsolete. I dont see any good coming from camping enemy spawn apart from getting cheap kills.

When i am on the team that is steam rolling the enemy, i think it is absolutely disgusting to eneter enemy spawn and prevent players from trying to get out. When i see it happen i think i domt want any part of this

And now I want a sticker for the tank to show that you support it.
On the sticker should be a tank in a tent which is crossed out.


Top man. Or even a bumper car sticker 😆

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You or your team pushed enemy to their spawn and/or took VP. What’s wrong then?

Does not give anyone a chance to play. If enemy is in your spawn and you are over powerd you might as well just quit, game over

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yes. I just don’t understand why then u demand idiocy about blocking the gun

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Deterrent to enter enemy just for getting kills, and gives the players your fighting against a chance to play other wise its just a wast of time playing in the first place. After all its just a game.

Its not idiocy. You obviously never played any sport

all questions are gone

if you allowed someone get close to your respawn - your fault.

enemy on ur spawn - u lost. this case no other option.

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Why post that?

bc i get why you want protection against “bad spawncampers”

You dont understand sport. I dont choos the BR i play against, i dont choose the enemy team i play against, i dont choose the experience i play against, i dont choose my team. i dont have a choice apart from wanting to play, sometimes you cant, so what is the point then just being cannon fodder

and you definitely do))

What does this show. Is that the best ammunition you got?. You have broken forum rules. You dont have to be the best to take part. Since i have started playing tanks my game has improved, which does not show in my stats yet.

I dont die at spawn so pulling my stats for playing no armour britian proves nothing

Here are your stats for britian. Does not look like you got very far. I can see you play the flavour of the month, soon you will be playing sweden as they are now stronger than russia. Obviously you support spawn camping due to armour


No. Its natural for the stronger team to push into the losing team’s spawn.


I understand that but it causes players to ODL. Should players get punished for playing against the better team

Well, having less skill means you lose. Thats how games work.