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Thats true

If your under 21 do it with cap, it’s a free scholarship that I did (I did it in a Cessna 182t)

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I’m 40,5 … ^^
the simpsons grandpa GIF


Well, I hate to break it to you. It’s gonna be hard to find a free/cheap option.

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Yes, I’m also afraid that time is playing against me. Quite apart from that, I’m a blind fish … my eyesight is extremely poor … But flying is always something special. Even with Ryan Air xD

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Don’t worry about your eyesight you can get that fixed.

-8 Dioptre? I also thought that an eye operation would automatically disqualify me because something had been done to my eye.

Some parts of it looked like real documentary


That was actually expertly done for sure… only give away at the start is that there are no infantry moving up or taking positions

And for the rest, you can tell someone has pretty good knowledge of the limitations of cameras of the time


Since I don’t think I need an entire thread to ask this question, I’ll ask here.

What are the most overrated parts of some vehicles in your opinion?

Personally, I think the AMX-30s 20mm is overrated, because only half the rounds actually do anything, and it blinds you when you fire it. It has more use against helis than it does against tanks. I also think mobility is overrated in general for lower Br light tanks, since they can be easily countered. The map design doen’t help either.

Yea not only there no infantry but the second tank kinda ruined it for me tbh.

But the last shot holy moly some people would atcually think it’s real.

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Yeah… when I saw the decal on the KV, I thought… well that kinda ruins it… but, then you just have to think it is kinda a different reality

But even then, you have to think of it as if the guy that made the clip, that he is a War (Game) Time Photographer… then it fits into place, since he is just an observer

But yeah the rest of the Vid is really well done… someone studied a lot of war time documentaries and or footage


I wonder if we can do the same for TS classic hehe.

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Multipathing works fine.


just kissing the ground but that AIM 7 M still comes directly for me
Also how could get he a lock when i was still standing still on the AF?
shouldnt that be imposible since the radar can only pick up moving stuff?

well… it goes directly at you because you fly directly in the multipath offset

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I’m thinking of getting a new PC, what are your thoughts as my budget was 2K and I want to play games like IL-2 GB at a high setting.



personally I’d ditch some storage and get the non-RGB h100, take that money and spec up the PSU to an 850w unit for an easier GPU upgrade down the line. I’d also seriously consider going 5000 series Ryzen if you can, they’re pretty good bang for the buck and the motherboards are significantly cheaper over intel.

Historical footage?


So finally someone admits that War Thunder is Semi-historical and not a Simulator.

This should open up the possibility for some controversial vehicles to return or stay.

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