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New player here, just found this tab, what’s this all about?

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I think it was intended to make the Rumour round up less of a dump

it didn’t work

yes it did, it worked for half a Major

Here’s a couple screenshots I took. War Thunder can be very pretty sometimes.


My buddy inv me to a trap shoot, to spectate…. He hasn’t shot in 2years because of him in vmi, he got 194/200

I did not turn on the game console with Thunder for 9 days and during this time there was only one update of 500 MB.modest…

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True definition of NPC, just a few set voice-lines. Idkw I hate young kids w/ a massive passion, they’re just so small w/ the high pitched shrieker voice, and annoying, and needy, and expensive.

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In customs and this kid was tking me, with a heli


Furries are just miserable and abysmal creatures.


But they also pay well as all the artists have said.

Umm I have a question… did gaijin change the reason to have a crew timer? I never crashed I died to a enemy aim 7m and got a 3 minute timer

Dunno, I can’t stand the timer though.

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In a 1v1 I just got told “jees dude dont be so aggressive relax and enjoy the fight”

that’s what Air RB is all about

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Minor rant, but I wish people would stop judging entire trees on top tier capability. It just makes no sense to me.

I’ve seen people say that Germany sucks, and that Sweden is one of the best nations in game because of it, both of which are untrue.

Also, does anyone here actually play all or most BRs?


I kinda do, air only tho

I’ve got both Sweden and Germany to top tier in air, France, Britain and USSR to Jets

and I’d say yes there are some trees that Generally have a worse performance across the board compared to others

most of the reasons for a whole tree to be worse than others are weird mechanic changes like realshatter which benefits only Hispano and and Russian type 20mm guns

I think it’s fine to generalize a tree as long as the BR you are talking about is specified.

Germany lacks a lot in higher tier air, but they are very good below 6.0.

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Was it me?