Off Topic Discussion

That’s true lmao or isn’t happening to them. Thank god we have a based discord server

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ofc its not happening to them when they are the only ones getting so triggered about random stuff and you cant tell me people actually get so annoyed by a normal conversation about whats happening on the same discussion topic thing, its just censorship at its finest

The irony here is… Tasteful

Funny how there is also a limit on how many comments you delete.

God this forum format is useless

You only laughing because it’s not your comments.

I wouldn’t help to believe your one of them

idk i just did

Evil laughs

How can I not hate my life?

Total solar eclipse



I was wondering what was going on bar the WoT thing but then I saw the WT at the back.

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Almost looks like night

Yeah, it was almost complete darkness, it was so close to being a total black out you couldn’t see the sun with the glasses, you had to look with just your eyes, it was a really cool expression though, all the animals and insects that are usually out around dusk and dawn chirped and sounded, all the birds, frogs, and catidids.


its a great experiance!
When the Schadow runs over you and all is getting dark. Birds are quiet. Great

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I need to wait till 2115 to see it from where I live XD. I wonder how WT would look like in 2100s

How’s this for “Off Topic” . . . today is my birffday . . I am now lvl 67(levels sounds better than years . . once you get past 40 or 50) . . . ☻


You’re 14 congrats. another 4 years until Gaijin can steal your money instead of your parents.

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Happy birthday. Wow you are as old as my father

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8 of my 10 grandchildren are over age 14, and my parents have been gone 20+ years. Everything I got here in War Thunder I got on my own. I made it to lvl 100 in 6 or 7 months just flying planes 10 years ago. And of the 1900+ vehicles I have, I earned on my own as well . . . one way or another. Make light if you want, but you should live so long . . . just saying.

Just because a document is no longer “classified” or is available on the web does not mean it isn’t export restricted. Should you wish to use a Distribution C you will need an accompanying FOI to prove it is no longer export restricted.