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So that’s just a sound damper?

I have no idea, but if the devs look at it and decide not to add anuthing there, they will go the sound damper route.


To be fair a lot of countries use python tho like india. so uh india sub tech for israel when

No india sub tree for russia
We have most vehicles from russia

i just joking only lol

Well Chile is the best as todays climate I don’t think Arab/Muslims nations don’t want to be shoved in to Israel.


heh, tell that the guy that wanted to add qatar to israel lol

Lol well that guy need to learn the basics of religion at least.

the reason for his choice was, the merkavas suck so bad, we need to add a leopard 2a7+ into the israel tree.
He specificaly made the suggestion for israel. He was kinda suprised when pointed out gajin changes stuff to other country and it isnt specific for israel

No i was joking about the india thing lol but ngl in my honest opinion Singapore is a better choice. If you look at their military history with israel it much deeper than any other countries (maybe apart from usa). People sometime call Singapore the “israel of south east asia” because of it similarities to israel oh and also singapore doesn’t recognise palastine so that a plus lol

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But if you look at Chile more you will see that Israel helped to upgrade at least 5 of their modern aircraft. The F-5 & the F-16 to name a few.

Chile atcually brought a metric ton of Israeli stuff too such as the M-51 Shermans & the Kfir.

Not only that but Chile could also bring light tanks too

what would Chile add tho? if the israelis were their weapons dealer wouldn’t that mean we’ll essentially see copies of the already added ones?

My honnest responds to his “reason”

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Well we would get a modernised F-5 good for multirole

60mm Shermans and M24 hmmmmmmm

and just gen things that would help Israel out

60mm o.O who made 60mm guns?

Here is a suggestion

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ok 60mm APFSDS on M24, M41, Centauro etc

you got my intrest now

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The M24 60mm is such a derp is brill (The Israelis helped with that too)

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I mean so is Singapore too
Alright let me give you some history
Singapore’s first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew often made remarks on Singapore’s supposed precarious position surrounding its Muslim neighbours like Malaysia and Indonesia as an “Israel in a Malay-Muslim sea”.
To protect the newly independent nation from external threats, the Singaporean government decided to model its armed forces, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), including its conscription system, after the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). From 1966, Israeli military advisers were brought in to assist in setting up and training the Singaporean military. Israel also supplied Singapore with military hardware including tanks and missiles. Over the years, Israel has continued to advise Singapore on an array of military topics, ranging from night operations to aviation psychology. The defence and intelligence establishments of both countries conduct routine exchanges of information, and a small number of IDF officers serve in staff appointments within the Singapore Ministry of Defence (MINDEF). Today, the two countries operate many of the same weapon platforms, including early warning aircraft, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, aircraft and surveillance technologies.

The two nations are known to share a special relationship and enjoys an extensive security partnership, with Israeli and Singaporean arms industries such as Israel Aerospace Industries and ST Engineering engaging in joint development and a large level of military trade between the two countries.

In January 1968, before diplomatic relations were established, Singapore made an agreement to purchase 72 surplus AMX-13 tanks from Israel.[2] By the 1980s, Singapore had acquired over 350 of these tanks.

The Singapore air force UAV fleet is basically made all israeli drones
It confirmed that Singapore F-16C/D/D+ are armed with Israeli python missiles too (python 5 and 4)

Today, the two countries operate many of the same weapon platforms, including early warning aircraft, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, aircraft and surveillance technologies. This is particularly true with respect to aerial systems (as the ground terrain of the two countries is very different). As such, the primary aircraft type make up of the Israeli and Singaporean air forces is nearly identical, with both countries operating the F-15E Strike Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-35 Lightning II, G550 airborne early warning aircraft, C-130 Hercules, AH-64 Apache, and M-346 Master advanced training aircraft. They also operate similar submarines—larger variants of the German Type 212 submarine

Singapore can offer it indigenous military vehicles like Hunter AFV, primus artillery, light strike vehicle, M113A2 Ultra IFV, M113A2 Ultra Mechanised Igla and more than i am lazy to type.

Israel could also get f15sg which is one of the best f15 varient today. Oh and if stealth fighters are added in the game it can get f35b (fun fact if i am not wrong israel invited Singapore to the f35 program that why both countries are in the Security Cooperative Participants for the f35 program)

I could list more but i hella lazy bro
If you don’t want to read watch this video instead

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why mot add both?