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Have feeling im gonna get a ban on the forum

why ?

Russias and their delusions

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And Malekitth

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Nah it will just be called Nottingham as they already taken over EMA airport

Now this sh*t annoys me.


I just hate aircraft being hung up like toys

oh that part, yea I passionately dislike that too

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Never mind im still here lets go

61734 the immortal mytho

Watch me get banned like tomorrow or something

The thread did get nuked

I had to test this.

For me that is a great deal not only you will get the P-61 for free but also you are saving Β£ 7 too off from the Black Prince.


Snail is going hard

Finally… Now do the same to Port novo, Seversk-13, Breslau, Advance to the Rhine, Sweden, and all the other tiny maps that belong in WW2 BRs only.

I already have the Black prince tho

really want the Excelsior on a side note

that’s not Warthunder is it?