Oculus Quest 2 in war Thunder

Owners of Oculus Quest 2, what can you say about this helmet in war Thunder?

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You need a pilots chair to go with

Works fine.
I had it 1 year ago when I started VR and it was the reason I came back to WT after 8 years.

The view on the sides is a bit blurry (quest 3 is fantastic here), so you have to move your head more than your eyes. But you get used to it quite fast.

For that price, I would say it’s worth it 100%.

But beware: once you go VR, you can’t go back to pancake mode. 😅

It’s like being outside Vs sitting at home and looking out of the window.


Did I understand correctly that you used Quest 2 and 3? What else was used?

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Yes. I also had a HP Reverb G2.
Q2 and G2 were just rent for 6 months to test if I really use vr for more than 2 months, and now I bought the Q3.

Q2: ok visuals, good performance, 72 Hz are enough for flight Sims so no need for 90 FPS. Many standalone games, wireless. Very good price!

G2: better visuals than Q2, but needs more performance as it runs with 90 Hz, so 90 FPS are a must.
The clarity in the sweet spot is great, but on the sides it’s blurry, so you have to move your head very much. But still better visuals than Q2. No wireless/standalone option.

Q3: best overall visuals. The pancake lenses really make a difference and give you edge to edge clarity. That’s a huge improvement. Pass through is nice and it has all the games and apps from the quest 2, if you want to play more than flight Sims.
BUT: The standard head strap is really garbage. The back of your head starts to hurt after an hour, so you need an additional head strap. I have the bobovr M3 and can fully recommend it. Super comfortable and the additional battery gives you 3-4 h of wireless playtime instead of 1-2h.

So, long story short: If your budget is tight and you are new to VR anyway, get a cheap Quest 2 on sale somewhere.

For under 300$/€ you get a great piece of tech and it’s a game changer for flight Sims like WT.

I would not recommend to buy a new G2. HP and a Microsoft stopped the support, so it’s a dead end.

If you can afford it, get the quest 3. The lenses are a dream and give you so much clarity. Best overall headset in my opinion.

Edit: I have a RX 6800XT in my computer.
Many say that Nvidia is better for VR and I would agree, but the difference is not very big. For War thunder it’s more than enough.
The only thing that I miss in DCS is DLSS(because FSR is really crappy implemented)


Thank you so much for taking the time!

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