Objective play should be encouraged, not discouraged

Currently in ground battles the reward for capturing points is tied mainly to SL. While this may help to cover the cost of being bombed for daring to capture the point it does not do enough to encourage objective play. At minimum objectives should also include higher RP rewards or be counted towards the “Skill Reward” portion of RP being equal to 1 kill per capture.


It gives you the ability to respawn.

There should be more objectives rather than giving people more reward for doing a trivial task.

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What do you mean?

I mean if you get killed 1 or 2 times without earning any points, you can cap a point and have the ability to respawn in another proper tank rather than spaa or nothing at all.

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Capturing does provide SP but so do kills and assists as well as other actions ingame. I don’t understand how this ties to progression.

so your saying it should give more?

I mean i could take a fast vehicle and rush to the point and intentionally cap before the rest of the team.

I dont think that provides any benefit by giving me more reward for something i did very little for and also denied my team the opportunity of achieving the same.

I am not saying your wrong but there are issues.


Rush to a point in a fast boy.
Cap before i give my team any chance to earn points on the first cap.

Rush in and die, after then, spawn in cas.

Get a kill or 2, die then leave - that is what will happen and kinda already does.

I personally find that capping a point gives me more than enough reward.

More objective play should be introduced, but giving more reward for such a trivial action that already gives good reward is not conducive to more teamwork/objective gameplay - - - better and more objectives is the answer.

Players can rush forward with an SPAA and die without getting any kills.

Players can rush forward with a tank and die without getting any kills.

Holding a capture point drains enemy tickets and requires enemy activity to uncapture, weakening their position.

which it already does and i do it myself (apart from capping before team)

So there we go, all is good.

Okay so we can agree your counter point is irrelevant to increased progression since it occurs either way.

I dont understand what you are saying?

The rewards are fine as they are, Sometimes i do shit and my only fallback is spawning in spaa and capping a point then when i die, spawn in a tank again, that alone is reward enough.

Imagine being a guy that does all the hardwork, holding a position, preventing flanking, getting crits, taking hits, killing 1 or 2 and protecting team - but this one guy who took a fastboy and done as little as possible and just rushed to the nearest cap point (which is not under contention) and done nothing to help your team - gets more reward than you do. . . . . . - that dont sit right with me.

I disagree.

You’ve already rationalized through this yourself.

you complain about everything so i am not surprised.


do you play with others by any chance?

Not a personal attack, just asking - many people are in a squadron yet never squad up or socialise.
I find it can be a big gamechanger to results and enjoyment of the game.
I feel like your playing as such where you have to do everything and alone.
Doesn’t always have to be like that.
Feel free to hop into my squadron discord and squad with people, dont have to join us :)

I occasionally will play with friends who enjoy playing the game. I am already in a squadron with some of them. Thank you for the offer, although I don’t see the relevancy in terms of how it relates to progression. There are no RP / SL bonuses for playing with a squad excluding “team work” medals which are obtainable with the randomly generated squad anyway assuming you have the option on.

Peace of mind and enjoyment - which may correlate to rewards.

In any case, hopefully see you at some point :)

The main issue I have with caps is how they give less rewards the more players there are in.

I have seen players pushing others off caps in order to get more rewards for themselves THOUSANDS of times.

There’s no reason why rewards should be lower when there are more players on the cap, War Thunder is literally the only game in existence that I know of that does it; all this encourages is for people to try to capture alone and want to be the only ones capping.

This is the most anti-team play aspect around caps.


Teamwork is essential in War thunder, even if you join a match as a solo player (and join a random person / people in a squad) or join as a Squadron Member.

There has been plenty of occasions of when we where loosing a match and on a 4 or 5 loss streak, and then all of a sudden we start to turn the match around and win.

To me these matches are the best for RP and SL, i really dislike one death leavers, although i understand why its done but i generally dislike it.

It would be nice if the maps where a little bigger, as it stands the maps are designed to encourage Close Quarter Battles (CQB) that finish rather quickly, due to the spawn points being pushed and camped.

But as it stands clear communication and co-operation with Squadron members / members of your team are the best way to get as much SL / RP out of the match.

Support & Repair each other, cap points together, squad spot, mark the map, these are essential for a good playing experience to get the most out of the game.

Why your at it, throw a best Squad Wager in and get the most bang for your buck!

P.S the longer your in a Match the better the RP and SL reward!