Object 770. The loneliest heavy tank

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Object 770. The last heavy tank.

Object 770 was one of the last soviet heavy tanks developed at the end of the '50s. And the last to get axed. Its performance is similar to that of object 279, though more conventional. And I think it could serve as an excellent tech tree counterpart to it, ending the heavy tanks after the T-10M. Being the last heavy tank the Soviets considered to replace it.

Compared to the 279, its gun would be no different. And like the 279, it would resist most conventional shells from the front, perhaps slightly worse though. Its side armour would be much worse. On the upside, due to its lower weight, it would benefit from better mobility (18.3hp/t vs 16.6hp/t).

Developmental history

See history

Sadly, little is written about its history. The sources I have are also quite poor and many contradict eachother on several aspects. But I will try to recount some information weighted towards the sources I believe most.

An order was sent out to develop a new heavy tank in 1955, with requirements to come in 1956. The new heavy tank produced by these requirements would’ve served as the T-10’s successsor. These requirements also led to the development of object 277, 278, and 279, developed by LKZ and VNII-100. Object 770 was the project created by ChKZ’s design bureau, SKB-2. Whom had previously designed the IS-3, IS-4 and T-10. They had also just in the years prior designed object 752 and 777, neither of which got prototyped. These were also intended as successors to the T-10. It is unclear why these were canned, but they served as references when creating both the T-10M, and object 770.

Model of object 777 with aircooled engine. A watercooled version was considered too.

Diagram of object 777.

Two prototypes of the 770 were created, one in 1959 and the other in 1960. The engine suffered from major vibrational issues which caused delays in its development. In trials, even though their characteristics were very similar, it clearly outperformed object 277, and thus the 277 (and 278) were cancelled on the 19th of July, 1960.

Object 277. LKZ’s competitor.

Multiple sources say Khrushchev himself stopped the development of all tanks above 37 tonnes during a demonstration on the 22nd of July, 1960. But I do not believe this is true. He likely remarked his distate for such heavy vehicles at the demonstration, as he seems to have done several other times before too. But development of both objects 279 and 770 seems to have continued. Though their future certainly was bleak.

Object 279. The unconventional design by VNII-100.

The object 279 was canned in January, 1961. While the 770 made it to mid February, 1961. Making object 770 the last surviving soviet heavy tank project of the USSR, and likely the last in the world. As by this time, every other major nation had already given up on heavy tanks too.



  • Commander
  • Gunner
  • Driver
  • Loader


  • 130mm M-65 (Ammo: 37* (see footnotes))
    Elevation: -5/+16.5
    Stabilizer: 2-plane stabilizer
    Autoloader (18 rounds ready rack with assisted loading, 5-7 rpm)
    Turret rotation: 18°/s
  • 14.5mm KPVT coaxial (Ammo: 800)
  • Sights:
    Rangefinder: TPD-2S
    Night: TPN-12


  • Weight (total): 54 700kg
  • Length (total): 11333mm
  • Length (hull): 7280mm
  • Width (total): 3400mm
  • Height (total): 2420mm


  • Engine: DTN-10 (1000hp at 2500rpm) (18.3hp/t)
  • Transmissison: GTK-P
    3 forward gears
    1 reverse gear
  • Top speed: 55km/h

Armour: (cast, variable thickness):

See armour


  • Front:
    Upper front plate: 85-138mm at 71-60°
    Lower front plate: 187-156mm at 42-51°
  • Sides:
    Upper sides: 86mm at 67°
    Lower sides: 105mm at 0°


  • Front: 260-90mm at 30-70°
  • Sides: 208-80mm at 35-70°


See footnotes
  1. My sources claim either 26 or 37 rounds of M-65 ammunition could be carried. It seems unlikely it would be as low as 26, though this could perhaps be a difference between the two prototypes. Not that any source suggests there were any difference between the two.

  2. A similar issue arises with its coaxial ammution. Some say 800 and other 250. However 800 seems most reasonable.

  3. There are some different claims on the vehicle’s length and width. Although it seems these are likely a mixup of information on the object 277.

Other images

See images

Object 770 diagram.

Report on the armour trials of the 770 hull.

Object 770 armour trials target
Range target used in armour trials.

Object 770 in the old Kubinka museum.

Object 770 in the recently refurbished Kubinka museum.

Object 770 on trials in 1960. Note the rear of the 279 on the left.


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I really dont ever want to see any 130mm armed super heavy prototypes in the TT.




+1, I hate seeing people willingly vote for any vehicle being event, like why… (currently half the votes are for event)

I think this one should be a squadron vehicle, with the Object 277 being in the main tree due to similar/same armor (and same turret as 279), while having much better mobility than the 770, having 19.81 HP/tonne


Need a one in tree


A great option for people who didn’t get either of the 130mm-armed tanks, and it would cap off the heavy tank line perfectly. +1 for the tech tree.


+1 from me
I really wish we got tech tree tanks armed with 130mm guns because there were so many prototypes featuring it ranging from ISU-130 to heavy tanks like this with 130mm guns and going up to T-72 prototype with 130mm gun. Really wish for at least some to finally get added into the tech tree for everyone.


+1 as event tank

Yes, what we really needed are more undertiered russian heavy tanks. The IS-3, 6 and Obj 279 were not nearly enough

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+1 this and the object 277 would be very cool additions to see.



Can’t say I’ve ever heard of this, do you have more info on it?

I read it was presented to Marshal of USSR at testing ground of Kubinka. I will share more, just need a minute.


Original text:
Объект 172МН – опытный образец танка Т-72 (об.172М) , на котором была установлена 130 мм нарезная пушка 2А50 (ЛП-36Е). Проходил испытания в 1972-1974 гг. В середине октября 1975 года демонстрировался маршалу Гречко А.А. во время его посещения НИИ в Кубинке. На вооружение не принимался
Object 172MN is a prototype of the T-72 tank (Obj.172M), on which a 130 mm 2A50 (LP-36E) rifled gun was installed. Tested in 1972-1974. In mid-October 1975, it was demonstrated to Marshal A.A. Grechko. during his visit to the research institute in Kubinka. Not accepted for service

Sadly not much on it but I will continue searching.

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The 130-mm rifled tank gun LP-36E was developed under the leadership of chief designer Yu.N. Kalachnikov in Motovilikha in 1972. Compared to the 125-mm smoothbore gun D-81 (GRAU index - 2A26) of the Sverdlovsk OKB-9 plant No. 9 it had higher tactical and technical characteristics. In addition, it had a number of design features:

  • the ability to quickly replace the barrel without removing the gun from the tank (for the first time in the USSR);
  • the ability to launch a guided projectile;
  • increased shooting accuracy;
  • increased barrel guide base;
  • symmetrical arrangement of recoil brake blocks (for the first time in the USSR);
  • the presence of a heat-protective barrel casing.

The gun successfully passed debugging and acceptance firing tests and was installed on the experimental Izdeliye 172MN tank. In total, two prototypes of the Izdeliye 172MN tank with the LP-36E cannon were manufactured. Testing of the LP-36E cannon (GRAU index - 2A50) as part of the tank was carried out from 1973 to 1975.

In addition to the advantages, the gun’s disadvantages also became obvious: the larger gun and its ammunition increased the weight of the tank and complicated the layout of the fighting compartment. But the main thing is that the gun did not have modern ammunition. Work on them was slowed down by the head of the GRAU, Marshal of Artillery P.N. Kuleshov. He was an ardent supporter of smoothbore artillery and was uncompromising in his views.

And although in June 1975, both experimental tanks “product 172MN” with LP-36E were sent for testing to the Kubinka test site, and the one manufactured at the turn of 1975 - 1976. the new Izdeliye 172-3M tank, also equipped with this gun, had no prospects…

As a result, tanks with the 130-mm LP-36E (2A50) rifled tank gun were not accepted for service.

S.V. Ustyantsev, D.G. Kolmakov. UKBTM. 75 years of Tagil tank building school, 2017

Remark by me: seems like same gun was used on another Obj 172-3M in 1976.


If you could find out more or at least get a picture of it, I’d say try to make a suggestion for it, would make a hella cool suggestion! Probably a event vehicle most likely but still

It would look nice as event vehicle, but problem is its made on basis of regular T72 Ural, featuring same weak UFP as T-64 and same turret as it. I also dont really have much to say about reloading it. Makes balancing the thing an issue.

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Object 770 is attracted by many players who have missed is-7 or object 279, and I have waited for it for years. I wish gaijin could add it into the soviet tech tree.


I love this tank

277 and 770 shouldn’t be missing from the game