Object 299

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Object 299


Hello everyone :), the vehicle I would like to introduce today is one of the last super objects of the Soviet Union:Object 299.

  • History:
    In 1985, in order to install the more powerful 2A83 152mm smoothbore gun on tanks, the Kharkiv Machinery Manufacturing Plant proposed the 477/477A project with a new layout and weapon system. The further development of the 477/477A project is known as the 299 project, which innovatively adopts a “two man” layout, where one person is responsible for manipulating the tank and the other person is responsible for manipulating the artillery to strike the target. It can be seen from this that the tank has a very high level of automation in its design. The artillery is equipped with automatic loading machines, and the vehicle can be remotely driven and fired.
    The chassis plan of the 299 project is designed as a universal chassis, which can include various variants such as tanks, engineering vehicles, infantry tanks, anti tank missile fighters, mine sweepers, bridge erecting vehicles, and so on.

    The tank has been manufactured with a prototype chassis for testing its passability and carrying capacity.
Prototype chassis


  • The vehicle only produced a prototype chassis, and its weapon system was not integrated into its dedicated chassis for testing, and the artillery was only installed on other project tanks.The project was ultimately terminated due to the dissolution of the Soviet Union and insufficient funding. But the technology in the project was partially used in T-14 and T-15.

  • Protection capability:
    The front is equipped with explosive reaction armor. The interior of the tank is equipped with composite armor and tilted at a large angle, making its frontal penetration resistance greater than 900mm. The side is equipped with composite armor, which has a penetration resistance of 130mm. There is also a lot of protection around the crew compartment, and the tank is also planned to be equipped with an “arena” active defense system to protect it from missile attacks.
    The passenger compartment is centrally located in the vehicle body, behind the engine. There is a complete armor module for protection, and the ammunition rack has an automatic fire extinguishing device to prevent harm to members.
    Side protection of crew pod
    Top protection of crew pod
    The top armor of the vehicle is 300mm.

  • In game:
    The Object 299 Tank is similar to the AGS in the game, as it is equipped with unmanned turrets and automatic loading machines. It has excellent maneuverability, excellent protection performance, and a powerful main gun, which can cause huge destructive damage to any tank in the game. Due to its performance surpassing the vast majority of tanks in the game, it is recommended to use it as a top tier tank in the future, and join the game when other countries have vehicles that can compete with it.Suggestion BR: 15.0.

  • Spefications:

    • Crew:2~3 people
    • Main weapon:2A83 152mm cannon
    • Ammo:Grifel-1、Grifel-2、HE (40 rounds in total)
    • Secondary weapon: 7.62PKMT
    • Auxiliary tool: Thermal imager、Arena APS、Hydraulic suspension system、
    • Transmission system: The hydraulic mechanical planetary gear transmission of the T80 series should also have a reverse level at the same level as the T80, making it impossible to turn in place
    • Engine:GTD-1500G gas turbine engine (1500 horsepower)
    • Weight:50t
    • Max speed:60km/h


Observation system
Side protection of crew pod


Love this!

Just imagine something to counterpart AGS, nice suggestion, I support.

The fact was a universal platform is so cool but the unmanned turret is more than enough for the game,

I hope we find this in game in some sort of event in early or summer 2025.

Edit: I saw the BR suggestion and I hope it’s just a joke, but, 11.7 (max ground BR) sounds fair for it.


50 tons? So heavy


This is silly and i love silly along with loving that type of turret in concept. Would make a great event vehicle or alternatively a battle pass one. Tho i will say i think we need more info for its addition to be feasable… not that it stopped some stuff from being added before to other trees.


I don’t think so,

It’s quite fine for a tank this size.

We can also see quite heavy vehicles for a small size in Russo-Soviet Tech Tree, if you see, Obj 775 for example, it got 35,5 tons for a well armored vehicle but at the same time very small.

Considering that the vehicle is a universal platform we can expect the heavy structure to support multiple equipment installed above it like the bridge deploying, indirect support (artillery) and infantry fighting variation.

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Grifel-1(Tungsten core), Grifel-2 (Depleted Uranium core), Grifel-3 (HE-FRAG)



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Do you have pictures of these shells? I would like to take a look.

There is images of pieces of the rounds, but I don’t have any of the actual penetrators themselves

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Just wanted to add this pictures to help people understand the loading system, not the same concept.



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If this suggestion gets approved and added will be the nearest to the Armata project we’ll get in War Thunder.

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+1 Would be very nice to both play as and fight against, it is just a Soviet AGS lol.

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Dont know why so much of those NO votes. +1 for me!

So it’s an AGS but more annoying?

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But if it’s added (already passed to developers on the .ru forum) would be a gameplay experience changer in soviet tech tree which resumes in Shoot. 6,5s. Shoot. Repeat. Soviet tech tree lack of vehicles that are agile same as most Western vehicles like the MBTs.

By “agile” I mean moving like crazy in a small spot not going forward, you know?

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Past certain point it’s just off topic.

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Since technically it wasnt really built wouldnt that go against their rules on paper vehicles?

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Chassis was built which means it passes in the “partial-prototype” section but it also raises the question wether “specific part” applies here since it was a universal chassis that wasn’t restricted to 1 thing

This bring up the Flakpanzer Coelian vs Strv Kranvagn debate again
In this case i think the Object 299 falls more under Coelian rather than Kranvagn which means it won’t be added
If it does pass i could imagine a lot of weird things suddenly being added simply because the chassis is able to do it and there was drawings/blueprints for it

There is also some people saying partial-prototypes aren’t allowed anymore but i highly doubt that + haven’t seen anything by gaijin that mentions it

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