Object 292 unbalanced

It’s a sniper with a big gun, it’s punished for missing. You can compare it to the PTZ89 at 8.7 which sports a 5.0 second autoloader but loses the mobility / armor.

It’s nothing new for Russian tanks, it doesn’t have spall liners or impressive ERA. It’s just a T72 with a big gun, the T72 could already penetrate the Abrams side cheek most of the time, it’s not new.

What about the Strela at 10.0?

What about the Pantsir at 11.7?

What about the SU-25k at 10.0?

What about the 2S38 at 10.0?

Russia has plenty of overpowered things, the Object 292 ain’t one of them.


Pantsir= ito90m
SU-25k is joke
2S38 good with skilled player


I would not worry about this tank, maps are to small for it

You’ve never used a Roland to make this comparison

Less range, no guns

In Air RB yeah

And with anyone with half a brain at 10.0 where it’s currently placed despite being an 11.3 SPAA


Strela isnt op its pretty balanced if not a little underwhelming against planes, 6km optical range and 4km IR range means anything with guided weapons can kill you far outside your lock range same goes for the pantsir with how poor SACLOS is the others mentioned are pretty overpowered but at least with the su-25 in GRB it actually has to be in visual range to kill stuff


Yes if you ignore its ability to lock 20G missiles to targets 6KM away a feature only found on the Type 81C at 11.0 with 30G missiles.

Something every nation’s SPAA has to deal with except that the Pantsir has both guns and an extra 6KM of range.

IR targeting pods aren’t a common sight at 10.0 and finding targets to kill with HE rockets that one shot MBTs isn’t hard


Yep here is the proof, saying Strella is not op lol, shows how little knowledge u have on the whole top tier matter


u must know where to shot with 2s38 or u dead
Pantsir big i mean BIG box can kill at spam point
strela is easy to out range not so good vs hely
SU-25k lol A10 is god lvl

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The strela seems powerful because all the other SPAA are too high they should be lower in br and i wouldnt say the pantsir actually has 6km more range, on paper sure but in reality SACLOS missiles past 8km become pretty unresponsive so unless the CAS is moving in a straight line its not gonna hit and the Su-25 doesnt have an IR pod it just gets the optical in the nose with 0 zoom are you mixing it up with the 11.0 one?

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Ok sorry, 14 games as object 775 is definetly enough to grasp br problems

The reason I bring up targeting pods is because they’re uncommon at the tier, so eyeballing is normal. With the SU-25k the rockets it sports are more than enough for the SPAA it faces.

You act like that’s the only 9.0-10.0 ive played combined ive got like 250 games around that range i just don’t like it because of CAS which is why i main ARB and lower br GRB

You literally act like an asshole from get-go, and now try to act like a victim, insane how u keep going on like i first started argument by calling u trash

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are u serusus do have su 25K?

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They’re not that uncommon youve got the A-10 at 10.3 the Q5L at 9.7 with an extremely good IOG+Laser bomb the AMX at 10.3 and the super etendard at 10.0 oh and the Jaguars theres probably more but i cant remember

Not acting like a victim im just responding to your claims

You start a dialog by calling me trash, mind saying what point that is a proper argument? I call you out because for you 10.0 is almost full up tier lol in those 250 games most times u played 9.0-9.3 god know when u did that, and now u try to say object 292 is easy to kill “Just aim for the weak spot” dude that argument is the peak of being 🤓


Now you’re just whining

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I mean okay, guess there is no point arguing with someone who literally cant comprehend anything, gg and good luck with your delusions

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