Object 292 BR

been playing the game for 11 ish years m8, most of which i was much younger, and therefore worse at games, no wonder a bunch of my stats are poor, not all of us are 40y/o neckbeards in their parents basement

Ive also already admitted to not being the best ground player out there so idk what the point of taking a second swing at my stats is xD

i do wonder why nobody compares it to the leopard 2av which is 10.0 has worse armor worse shell and with 2 crew member probably worse reload, yet? its hilarious that people demand it should stay on 10.0 so there wallet warrior line up will become the " I win games" button

if you complain about a 10 sec reload that won’t change with a dead crew member im sorry it’s a you problem

Also there is a huge difference between aiming for weakspots ( that most tank will have to do vs 292) and just aiming in the general direction (and if you have 2-3 brain cells and just shoot where the most crew is there are dead… Just saying)

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10 years, since late '14.
I’ve been playing since '13 and am not using account age as an excuse… Hell, my stats aren’t complete garbage.


Top tier gameplay is very suited to younger audience with crispy reaction times and whatnot.
40 year old neckbeards should actually be worse off all things considered.

In order to have 2 crew in 2AV you need to lose 2 crew, can you guess what happens when you lose 2 crew members in a 292 ?

Yeah, reload is pretty crap no matter what happens to you, guess that’s an advantage lol.

This still requires aiming, so shooting at the spot where most of crew are situated is no different from shooting at a weakspot.


Yeah, the CATTB would be at a very high battle rating, I myself did a bunch of research on it, still doing so as well. I put together a post talking about the different Cold War large bore vehicles we could see


Yes in needs indeed, but like 5degree arc from the front and you can OHK 3 crewmembers lined up. And here comes ability to penetrate Abrams LFP reliably, penetrate angled tanks reliably and so on. With Mango is not that easy to penetrate LFP, fuel tank and then to have a enough spalling to kill the rest of the crew. With LP83 shell it would pierce whole tank with ease. So aiming at general direction is still true when your enemy still need to aim for general soviet weakspots so it could be advantage over a guy that swings the turret and want to shoot at 292 asap. Found myself sometimes in that situation Vs any T tank.

Where? At what BR range ?


For 3 months, definitely ignored fact that BVM has around 70% winrate since release, dropped now because western nations got good vehicles.

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That only top tier, what about the rest of BR range ?

Dunno if it ever occurred to anyone but T tanks are actual bad in WT even the BVM and Russian teams were easily carried by their top tier CAS

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Yet USSR WR and US are horrible, but GER and SWE are really good. So maybe not everyone received good MBT and maybe not only sole vehicles have impact on WR

June of 2023:


The W/L Ratios fluctuate pretty hard on a half a year basis usually (apart from TURMS’s BR range). The ones that stayed mostly consistent for Russia were those at the highest level, the only time said BR range dipped below 60% avg was when NATO received jets with LGBU’s back in December of 2k22, but that was very quickly remiedied with the addition of the Pantsir which boosted Russia top-tier WR back to ~70% in about about a month post patch.

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Still, you need to know where those crew members are lining up and aim there. Just pressing the button randomly and expecting things to go boom just because you can penetrate them is a foolish thing to do.

What do you mean by this ?
Angling your tank in higher tiers is a massive no-no.

Both of you are still using your brain power to aim at a specific place, you’re lining up his crew and he’s going for your weakspot as well.

that’s with like every tank with charges in the turret, it’s not special nor is it a frontal weakspot.

Lol, Russia has been more dominant in the past four years than Germany and the US combined, to quote myself when this was mentioned in the Exaltation thread:


i wonder that how many shells which the T-80U’s basic armor can defend against? at 10.0 BR the pen value of M900 of M1128 is almost equivalent to 3BM46 in T-80U

I think that you may have possibly mixed up under tiered and over tiered


The object 292 will be alright at 10.0.
It won’t be busted, just will be like playing against any other soviet tanks, same weakspots. It gets in the BR with some significant weaknesses for this BR. Especially the lack of thermals and the awful reload.

More armor than the T-80B*
Object 292 uses the T-80BV hull armor array, that’s equivalent to 517mm instead of the T-80B’s 432mm glacis array.

The turret is most certainly not of the T-80U.

Saying it twice doesn’t make it true I’m afraid.


The armor modelling of the M1’s is largely correct, but I suspect the other person wasn’t referring to the M1, instead the Leopard 2A4, Leopard 2A5, 2A6, 2A7V and Strv 121 and 122 series are all missing varying degrees of armor.

This might change because there’s a bug report that’s been accepted that says the Object 292 uses the GTD-1250 engine.

I see you’re using my chart, you should be careful with that though because NATO absolutely stomped Russia for years before this.
I wouldn’t say that Russia has had more time dominating at top-tier thank Germany or USA have when taking into account the entire history of ground forces.