Object 292 BR

No way Gaijin is gonna make Object 292 with 700mm APFSDS a 10.0 tank.
This is just ridiculous. It has T-80U hull without Kontakt-5 (3x50mm RHA and textolite sandwiched inbetween) and T-80B turret alongside better mobility than T-80B ( so basically on a lvl where M1 and light tanks sits ). For this they gave it 7kg APFSDS projectile with 700mm of penetration. Madness Gaijin. There is no logic behind this tank on 10.0 bracket when it can stop every shell from any 10.0 MBT and lolpen 11.7 tanks. Object 120 history took a huge loop but this time it’s not behind paywall and has some armour and speed to work with.


It has a 10.0s reload, less armor than the T-80B, as well as heavier. The turret, being that of the T-80U, is extremely susceptible to kinetic rounds without ERA, the hull even more so.

Wrong way around, T-80B hull with T-80U turret.

The hull itself barely has 400mm effective LOS. That alone puts it on the level of the T-72AV, which is already horrible for its hull protection.

The M1 and light tanks are 10.0-10.3? Where’s the issue here?

It has a 10 second reload and an extremely small ammo pool. Its turret rotation is comparable to a T-54, and its effectiveness against ATGMs and cannons that fire twice as fast is perfectly fine for its BR.


The stupid thing has more pen at 2km than DM53 out of the L55A1 does at point blank, and to add insult to injury, gaijin STILL refuses to properly model NATO composites, even based on primary sources (like the Swedish test they LOVE to keep bringing up)

This thing is gonna lol-pen almost everything in-game EXCEPT russian vehicles

Oh, and meanwhile, gaijin STILL refuses to model anti-ERA tips for NATO vehicles as well.

This thing will just be an instakill machine, and sits at 10.0, BELOW the T-80B, where most tanks dont even have the pen to deal with its armor


Woah, a high pressure 152mm cannon with a 90cm penetrator has more penetrating power than a 75cm 120mm penetrator??? Impossible!!1!

The swedish tests have proven that American armor performs better than what was tested, and that the Leopard is immune to the projectiles given at the time. The only issue I have is the visual modeling of them, which can use some reworks.

No? It’ll pen pretty much everything.

They have. There’s a 400-600mm effectiveness difference between M829A1 and M829A2, let alone the fact that DM53 can pen a T-72B3 hull.

What armor? I’ve given a list before as to what 105s, 120s, and 125s can pen it… Almost every shot at its BR can pen it <700m, and that’s only 9.7-10.0.


chat is this a boowomp or a womp womp moment




The T-72B (1989) has a lot more armor (600mm LOS) than than the 292 (400mm LOS) yet nobody is crying about it.

It currently has the worst mobility of all T-80s, it weighs as much as a T-80U but it has the old GTD-1000 engine.

It also has no thermals, no smoke grenades, no machine guns of any kind and no ERA, its got a big gun and thats about it, max BR I can see it at is 10.3 in the current BR placements of other tanks.


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It has T-80U internal composite layout 50/50/50 plates, not 60/45 like T-80B(without textolite) so it’s T-80U and quartz core turret like T-80B. T-80BV gets 30mm add on but it’s still inferior to T-80U hull, beside this it’s still fast, can bounce, HAS 2km/s 700mm penetration dart!. 10sec reload isn’t a con in this case, just a drawback for having big gun. Wolfpack has 7.5sec reload with 105mm, just 2.5 sec apart. No way it can stay on a BR when MBTs have basic 105mm darts and can be downtiered to see 9.0 Leopards.


Oh, thats how we now call them? Drawbacks? It basically will be always outgunned.

Yet it is still very impactfull. It is not just 2.5 secs. It is 2.5 secs.

Or it can be uptierd to 11.0. Wow, downtiers happens.

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Everything in this game is worthless when you can see your enemy first and fire first, so then you are M1 Abrams f.e with M735 and you need to aim for 0.5-1sec to catch weakspot of this thing and this object can cripple your anything from anywhere just by looking at you. I am not even talking about how much damage and spall this 152mm dart would have.


You compared the 152mm APFSDS to a 120mm apfsds. There is no comparison here, especially as either the 2A6/2A7 and '292 can 1-shot each other with ease.

The difference is… The Leopard does it every 6 seconds, and can do it 40+ times.
The '292 does it every 10 seconds for less than half of that amount.

There is no round it is equal to, and its reload is comparable to that of 6.0-7.0 howitzers. We don’t care about your shitty arbitration and attempts to cOmPaRe, it’s a subjective system based on the performance of a vehicle.

It seems you don’t understand what “front left” means, as aiming at the center of the mantlet is not the cheek.

Not sure why you use APFSDS against the skirt, either, when it says otherwise.

We aren’t talking about the shot penetration, are we? We’re talking about the round capability against 4S22.

Be a good boy and fire M829A1 and M829A2 against it, tell me what you get.

It’s hit or miss, primarily because of ERA and its iffy-ness with volumetric.


Don’t let them add such vehicles at such low BRs. Event vehicles should never be that impactfull on the game, as this tank will be in the future. On higher BR it would be a glass cannon, pure situational vehicles that played right would be great but not with mindless approach. Stupid logic about pushing players towards this because it would be OP, same as IS-7 on the beginning.

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I see, I must have misremembered.

10sec reload is thing that you need just focus on and learn to play with it like with injured gunner. It not force entire vehicle to be 1BR down because It has 10sec reload, beside this it is CONSTANT. 120mm without loader has 10sec + to we should also down their BRs?


Lack of thermals
Lack of smoke grenades
Lack of LWS
Lack of armor

It will be seen first. It cannot hide if it is seen, and cannot tell when it has been seen. Even once it is seen, it can be killed easier than both the T-64BV and T-80BV.


They said it have T-80B hull but something in their logic and manner went off with this because surely it has 11.3tank hull but without K5 on 10.0

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We’ve clarified that it is the T-80B hull without ERA.

Many 9.7 doesn’t have thermals same as two T-72Bs on 10.0 that have worse firepower and mobility. First gen thermals is a gimmick only and helps rarely on whe nuclear sun match happens. Night battles are optional anyway.

Only drawback, still has ESS.

Like no tanks on 1/.0 has LWS and first that Russia got as a free is T-90A. More like a gimmick rather than thing you need to have.

T-80U hull and T-80B turret on 10.0, definitely a no armour scenario

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And if it will miss the shot or not kill you/disable - it is pretty much dead. So huh? And well, M1 have m774 as top round, not m735