Object 279 should be 8.7 again

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Even DM13 HEATFS one shots the 279, what are you guys talkin bout? HEATFS is effective against this but you say it should match with 3BM42-DM23 using MBTs.

The issue isn’t the 279 being 9.0 the issue is the entire 10.0 BR range still being 10.0 after decompression from 7.0-8.7.

As Gaijin noted recently in news they’re going to decompress ground. It’ll resolve most issues the BR range faces.

How would they fix that?

I mean sure, as long as you have time to aim for the tiny UFP not protected by spaced armor or turret. Not impossible, but for certain scenarios tanks and maps (think french 8.7 tanks on city maps) this makes it extremely hard for them to fight 279, whereas 279 with its nuke cannon with full stabiliser plays point and click adventure.

Its similiar to Maus situation - at its own BR it commonly sees rounds capable of UFPing it, but should it go down to, say, 7.0 as some propose, 6.0 tanks would have no chance whatsoever.

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Raise the max BR to 12.7 like it is in air or preferably 13.0 allowing all of 11.0-11.7 to move up which allows 10.0 to move up.

There are a few tanks that actually have smaller weak spots when fighting the 279, the M60 variants like the RISE and TTS where the 279 only has one reliable place to pen which is the turret ring area slightly under the barrel, you can shoot the area full of ERA there is 80% chance that the BR-482B won’t pen, so when facing the TTS head-on you better damn sure you have access to the Abram Weakspot™ else you gonna get kill in return fire lol

TTK is prolly much more balanced in matchup 279 vs TTS than 279 vs AMX30

I should test it now that it was raised in br. Last time i played it, 90% of shots that didnt pen where panic shots from people aiming way too low or at crazy angles. Almost all rounds that actually hit the hull/turret penned.

I remember always losing my tracks because people dont realize that the hull is higher than normal.

Sadly all those replying to you missed the caveat. You might not have it right since we wouldn’t know effects for sure but I understand your reasoning/effects.

cause is not correct, just tell me how you can kill a HT when you cant pen the front, and make yourself alive when you see the HT’s front without shoot to barrel or breech? HT can just pen you and kill you in one shot because their round got severl hundred grams TNT equivalent, that means you only have one chance, if he dont understand, just let him play the toptier, i belive no one will say that Strvs has no “survivability”


Clearly it deserves to be the russian reserve tank

its being compressed so much at 9.0

For a second I read this as " Object 292 should be 8.7 again" lmao


Clearly 1.0 material smh smh…

if u dont play it then you cant know

I clearly play it

It’s funny how many people have an issue penning 279 with lolpen HEATFS seen at 8.0.

I also play E100 without having it xD


Smh poor…