Object 279 should be 8.7 again

Because it is being penetrated by high tier APFSDS so much and that tank getting bullied by other MBTs. It is a good tank but it has no laser rangefinder, thermal, smoke launcher and has big ammo rack so i dont think its fair to match with 10.0 MBTs.

Also in reality, that tank can move with losing one track but its not. Maybe you can work on that specific characteristics of 279.


I don’t really think it’s fair for it to face 7.7s that have virtually no chance to damage it and can be destroyed by the 279 frontally with no issue. Remember, balancing isn’t always about what the vehicle sees in an uptier, but also what it sees in a downtier.

To be honest, they should just let it be as it is and focus on tech tree vehicle balancing which is much more important than a rarely seen event vehicle.


Nah. Kick it up to 9.3 just for funsies.


yeah no this is really stupid, if its gets downtiered it will proceed to be the bully to all the other tanks, i say it should be uptiered more to have the russian bias suffer


I’d only agree if every other ex-8.7 MBT gets unscrewed i.e Leo A1A1/Type 74E+F/OF-40 Mk.2/ZTZ88A+B etc also Chief 10 to 8.7 as well just because.

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Only if the devs decompress the tech trees

Quite poetic ending given how it bullied 7.7 - 8.7 tanks on release.

Rest in piss obj 279 you wont be missed.


Yeah no.

The 279 should be 9.3.


Nah, it’ll go to 6.7 for next april fools and be an absolute GOD

Honestly, it’s not that good. Trolly? Yes. But its not 9.0 worthy. 8.7 tops. Or make its barrel immune to IFV-size autocannon weaponry, since that supposedly godly cannon consistently overpens the IFV hordes who then drive off like nothing happened and/or lob a missile at the 279’s face and annihilate it.

I literally got so sick of IFVs tanking my shots that after I finished spading it, I proceeded to purposely uptier the SAV 20.12.48 to 8.0 using my premium Strv 103-0, and my god was it satisfying to no longer care if one round overpenned when I could put another five downwind in 6 seconds to annihilate that Marder/BMP/Bradley/Warrior/other rat tank. And I discovered that the damn thing could kill most machines in the matchmaker there except the Maus, E-100, IS-3, IS-4M, and 279.

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The cheese wedge actually has more front armor than the Object 279, it’s such a pain in the ass to engage the thing from the front especially with APHE, most cheese would stay in long range then hitting the engine part is tricky unless you have perfect aim, I mean it’s just one pixel above or below in the range of 800-1000m to miss the shot with poor optical zoom of the 279, and sometimes hitting the top of the cheese can cause OHKO but very unlikely. These days I could choose not to engage them frontally because every single hit I took from the cheese is a penetrating shot lol, once it got my tracks then I’m pretty much done, maybe I can take another two hits but that thing shoot like every 4 seconds?

Speaking of HE yeah, first shot APHE you going to overpen most light tanks you see in that br especially uptiers, then before you could load your HE you will get breach’d or barrel, or loader knocked out most of the time, unless the guy is sleepy or drunk.

The 279 is like 10 times better than the T-10M which sits at 8.3. There’s no sensible reason to move it to 8.7 while being on par with or better than 9.3 tanks.

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the 279 should be 9.3.


yeah sure, then what about the maus that has 90 degrees angles everywhere and it faces almost only HEAT.

T-10M should go down to 8.0 or has it’s reload buff, 15 seconds aced has no business at 8.3.

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Now it’s his turn to get his medicine. You should definitely never watch 7.7 again.


Having spaded both, I rather sharply disagree.

The T-10M being lower means its armor still sometimes matters. Access to APDS and HEATFS gives it an edge at long range engagements. It has a considerably flatter profile. And I think it’s more maneuverable too.

The 279 has a better gun and reload, sure, but with the armor being trolly at best it feels more like I’m in an ARL-44.

9.0 is fine, most people who compare two vehicles did not account for the type of vehicles it faced in its respective br, 9.3 is where composite armor becomes more common even the T-72s has better front armor than it mainly turret and ufp, it already lacks a few things at 9.0 which is reload time and lacks of shell velocity and angle pen, I can tell you facing 9.7s and 10.0 especially USSR vs USSR is very rough lol your whole tank is a weakspot, the only way to not die are you play it like how you play rat vehicles.

please uninstall the game