Object 279 rendered useless

Why did the object 279 get moved to 9.0? The br it is fighting in now often includes modern tanks with IR, APFSDS, and composit armor. It is crazy how heavy tanks keep getting nerfed and moved up in BR for being a heavy tank.

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You do know that a lot of 7.7 can’t actually pen the 279 but a 279 can actually quite easily pen and kill an 11.7.

Its jsut now at a balanced BR for a change. Its not going to struggle in the slightest, you just can sit there tanking hit after hit

Centurion [7.7] vs 279


279 vs Challenger 2E [11.7]


279 vs Challenger Mk2 [10]


So these are extreme cases but kinda prove the point. Yes APFSDS shells can pen the 279 just easily now, but thats not going to change much

Chieften Mk3 [8.7[ vs 279


has to be aimed extremely well, but might pen. and thats Just APDS.

Long story short, any and all claims that the 279 is now “DOA” is just hyperbolic. Truth is, you cant now slap as hard in downtiers and you might once in a bluemoon face a challenge in an uptier. But nothing is actually going to change


It was the complete opposite before the compression where it moves leo 1 and t-54 to 8.0, it was once in a bluemoon face 8.0 tanks, the rest are 9.7 lol. These days I don’t know, things changed around here.

Btw, saying it could kill anything easily up there to 11.7 obviously never played the ufo to make such claims, the apcbc struggles with composite armor, you wouldn’t even get past the first abrams without a very well-placed shot at the small gap under the barrel, everywhere else is a no-go, Leopard 2k turret cheek is a no-go except for the lfp. Also the armor viewer do one thing, then ingame do another.

Maybe… though I’d expect a 9.0 to struggle against 11.7s no matter what, I was making a Hyperbolic point. That in theory 279 can still pen the armour on a 11.7, yeah, I probably picked the weakest, but doesnt entirely make the point untrue. Im also fairly confident it could pen a CR1 and quite a few other 10s. Even if it meant the 279 had to aim well (which is something you have to do in literally every single british tank). But again thats in uptier, of ocurse it would find that hard

In the grand scheme of things though. I think this change means basically nothing for the 279 and its just russian mains moaning about getting 1 small nerf. Many apparently want this thing even higher. This has probably been one of the most requested BR changes weve had in a while and clearly the fact its moved, means there must have been some evidence for it. Where Gaijin is concerned, nerfing soviets is usually at the bottom of their list

lol it’s a perfectly normal phenomenon for someone to try to protect their cash cows, even I participate in such shitshow in the past more for trolling rather than showing reason and sound judgment like things have worked great for you why destroy it right? The longer we participate in this forum the more it exposes how humans contradict themselves in various ways, there are tons of threads from various platforms complaints about 279 being busted, but there is literally 0 thread about people complaining about the 279 as one of their teammates which drastically decreased the difficulty meter in that particular match. Similar to bots, as long as the bots isn’t in my team I’m all OK with it lol


You must be a 279 enjoyer in 8.7, right?

Congratulations, you will finally get balanced games and will realize that the best armor of tanks is not getting hit in the first place.

Especially as it’s prototype tank


Does it strike anyone as abnormal that people enjoyed winning? like who enjoyed playing a weak lineup and constantly lose anyway lol

Now I can find a 9.0 Russian player in squad LOL

It will still work if the initial spawn point is 150/160sp aka full downtier, and will still totally slay those 8.0/8.3s. People didn’t like it because their apfsds lacks OHKO power compared to APHE, if I am not allowed to KO anyone in one-shit, or less likely, you shouldn’t be allowed to have OHKO power too bro

Oh, if you mean the overpressure, that is fine, I think the object 279’s issue is the armor sometimes better than most of the MBTs in this BR.

Ah yes, the crybabies thread

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inb4 both sides are crybabies

One side cries because can’t pen 279 due to krill issues

The other side cries because they can no longer bully 7.7 enemy tanks, krill issues

Agreed, I was part of the crying part who couldn’t pen it so now I’m getting my revenge on those who called me crybaby back then lol

This tank played constantly and so in the middle of the list and bottom of the list on the old B,R.
You think Merkava on the old B.R. could not answer? The same Leopard more mobile on 9.0 - 9.3 with a crowbar 400mm, KPZ-70, fuel tank eats his shell and then destroys it could not answer? KPz T-72M1 also suffered from 279?
Even Marder destroys it with 1 ptur, which is just a horror in terms of damage, because 279 has a very small combat compartment.
Yes, this tank is very strong if it playing in the top, but in my case of 10 fights it happens 1-2 times.

And now this tank plays together with players on T-72 Turms with 28% wins and k.d 0.4, which at the beginning of the battle do go to the hangar and leave this tank 1 on 1 against tanks with thermal imaging.

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