NVA Fla-SFL 57/2

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I would like to suggest the NVA Fla-SFL 57/2, for the german tree after the Kugelblitz and befor the Gepart.

It would with the exception to the NVA markings be identical to the orginial one in the Russian tree.

The story behind it is that with the Warsaw pact, the members recived without paiment such vehicles. The first foreign user of such vehicles was East Germany with reciving its first vehicles in September 1957 and overall tll 1961 did they recive 129 vehicles. After that they began to replace them with the ZSU-23-4. After reunification they were taken out of Service (if they werent allready made to T-54 training vehicles).

Where it would fit is the Kugelblitz still effective, but allready in in uptier and somtimes at 7.0 you will face vehicles where the Kugelblitz with its 30mm guns wont be the best solution anymore, because of its range, then the next AA is the gepart at 8.0.

By the beginning of the Cold War, it was clear that the Soviet Union needed a better AA gun, as the ZSU-37 had a small chassis, low firing range and only one barrel.

While the ZSU 37 was kept in servic Soviet designer started on a new SPAAG allready. In February 1946, designers at Works No. 174 in Omsk, and at Research Institute No. 58 in Kaliningrad, submitted a joint proposal for a tracked SPAAG based on the T-34 tank chassis. However, this design was scrapped in favor of Vasily Grabin’s idea to build a double-barreled SPAAG based on the emerging T-54 chassis.

Garbin was a very well known Canon designer with one of the most produced soviet ww II guns beeing the 76,2 mm Zis 3 gun beeing his own desing. Grabin’s new SPAAG design called for the development of a twin-barreled 57mm auto cannon capable of firing more than 200 rounds per minute. According to western intelligence sources, the German prototype gun 5,5 cm Gerät 58 formed the basis for the design. The Soviets were also able to study German 5 cm Flak 41 guns that had been captured following the Battle of Stalingrad. The final product was finished in 1948 and was called Object 500 and entered mass production in 1950.

Overall 7 prototypes each better than the previous were build and after testing finished in 1954 after over 2000 test fire were done it officially entered service in February 1955.



Mass: 28.1 tonnes[7][8][9]

Length: 8.46 m with gun in forward position (6.22 m hull only)[10][7][8]

Width: 3.27 m[10][8]

Height: 2.71 m[3]
2.75 m (with a tarpaulin top)[2][3][8]

Crew: 6 (commander, driver, gunner, sight adjuster, and two loaders)

Armor: 8–15 mm

Main armament: 2 × 57 mm L/76.6 S-60 anti-aircraft autocannons (57 mm S-68A variant) (300 rounds)[9][11]

Engine: V-54, 4-stroke, airless (mechanical)-injection, water-cooled 38.88 liter V12 diesel
520 hp (388 kW) at 2,000 rpm[7]

Power/weight: 18.5 hp/tonne (13.81 kW/tonne)

Maximum speed: 50 km/h (31 mph) (road)[7][8][9]
30 km/h (off-road)[3]

Flugabwehr in Deutschland Stationierungsorte und Systeme 1956-2012 Author: Hans-Günter Behrendt

Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns of the Soviet Union Author:Mike Guardia

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Its not that I dont think it should be added eventually, but germany is pretty great right now. I +1 it for the future, but for the love of god we need Gaijin to improve the US SPAA gap and other gaps/end game SPAA for everyone besides russia

I do enjoy a good ZSU-57-2 though, truly the Sherman of the SPAA


This seems like it would be a lot of fun. Maybe it could fill the gap between the Ostwind and Ostwind II, as researching those two practically identical vehicles in a row really isn’t fun. Or, maybe it could go after the Kugel, since the Weisel isn’t really useful as an SPAA

I’d love to see this SPAAG ingame for Germany, as they lack a proper large-caliber cannon-AA, so this would be excellent as both a plane helicopter and tank hunter, it would also be quite good against early helicopters if you take it into a higher BR loadout. +1


Please not another one… /hj

If there aren’t any other options, or if they wanted to definitively split DDR and BDR tanks, then yes I agree. Otherwise I don’t think there’s a need.


At 7.0 Germany already has the Kugelblitz and at 7.3 the Germans have the Wiesel 1A4 available to them.
I don’t quite see a reason to add a third redundant option around the same BR that is copy/paste to boot.


I don’t think this is at all necessary. While I’m generally a big supporter of East German vehicles, this is not one I would be in favour of. These things all get used as pseudo-TDs and don’t perform particularly well as an AA. Even if I wanted to run an exclusively East German lineup this wouldn’t be much better than having no AA at all. Germany is already a nation with strong AA, particularly at this BR range, and if we’re to get a DDR SPAAG then the IFA W50 with the 2M-3 naval turret would be much more worthwhile, being A) unique and B) easier to use in the AA role. I’d even prefer an East German Shilka to this, since at least the variants they had aren’t in the game, and it’s actually a fairly solid AA. Sorry, it’s a no from me.


+1 because tank shredding SPAAGs are fun.

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I agree with Zombificus’ sentiment. Maybe I’m slightly annoyed at the thought of grinding another ZSU-57-2 I won’t use, but I also just don’t think it’s necessary. With that being said, I appreciate the write up and research you put into this!

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No as a TT, i don’t think germany needs it. If it was a GE premium i think it would fit that role, but germany has plenty of viable AAs around that BR and one that should just be returned to being available to everyone