Now that bots have been taken care of can we have normal economy back?

If im not mistaken usefull actions were added because people were boting in lobies now that they will be gone there is no reason to keep this system.

they have not been taken care of, they only realy said that the problem is known and they are working on it but it will need time

They should revert the economy nerfs regarding proximity rewards and the like regardless and asap

Where are they hiding? I’ve never seen these Bot farms and Sim AB s all I play.

You just don’t know kow they behave and what statistics they have. In air battles they go straight to enemy base, drop bombs and then circling over the enemy airfield if not get killed after base bombing.
In air SB they do almost exactly the same. Few days ago there was a bot in enemy team using Su-25K. He just take off and run straight to enemy airfield at low altitude, if he survived AA he drop his payload and then he was shot down by AA. If he was destroyed before he reached AF, he just took off again.
I think it was this battle Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On and this “player” 台湾台湾必须必须拿下拿下

I still see them, but often they are in the lower tiers. Like the premium Su-25.

I actually think the current economy is actually not too bad. Needs a little more work, but getting close