Norwegian Ground Forces Sub-tree

Honestly, they should just because it would be funny


Well I didn’t really go into ammo options for the vehicle. The Isreali tree has the Magach 5 (which is the M48A5 plastered with ERA blocks) at 8.0. I agree that it shouldn’t be 7.7 if it gets the apfsds. Also this has made me further question Gaijoobs br changes… M60 sitting at 8.0 with APDS and HEAT-FS. M48A2 G A2 8.3 with DM23 and a slightly beefier engine. Magach 5 also 8.0 with Isreali DM23 equivalent and ERA

Gaijin really dropped the ball with the recent BR changes fr

Legitimately one of the worst changes in recent updates

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Heck yea unite the scandinavian nations!


vehicles added:

  • M7B2
  • Stormkanon m/2
  • m29 water weasel
  • k9 vidar
  • cv9030n opv
  • cv9030n mk3 opv
  • cv9030n striled
  • leopard 2a8no
  • acsv g5 nasams

vehicles removed

  • m29 hj
  • m125a2
  • m106a1

other changes

  • links fixed
  • recounted
  • Changed br’s
  • changed placements
  • foldered vehicles



i am going to do some more changes, and someof your ideas but i have to do it gradually

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I assume “opv” Reffers to “Oppklaringsvogn”. Is there a non-mk3 variant of that? I don’t see a reference to them being converted, and if they were it would be a mk3 turret from my understanding. Would that really warrant them being unique outside of some cosmetics?

And i assume “striled” Would be “Stridsledelsevogn” Which are noted to be “externally identical to regular variants”. So is this just not the same vehicle with maybe some minor cosmetic differences?

I ask because it looks like needles vehicle padding

Opv - oppklaringsvogn
That is the correct name, this vehicle is equipped with a ca 6m tower with various equipment both the old mkm1 wagons used this, only an older model of it and the mk.3. i can provide more later as i have technical issues right now. There is a difference in the hull as well, the most noticeable is the turret and the tower

It is a mk.3 hull from my understanding, bought new. There are still some of those being built as we speak

With this verison we get Radars and much other extra equipment, ill provide later

Striled - stridsledelsesvogn
The differences are internal, with changes. I am working on this vehicle and have lists about the changes in a while, but i believe it can work

I understand that

I’m all for the inclusion of Norwegian vehicles, however after the Finnish tech tree was added with 90% copy paste, I think we should limit the implementation of copy paste vehicles in the tech tree and focus on unique vehicles and vehicles that were modified.

This does mean most high tier vehicles will be gone, however high-tier Sweden is already very strong and isn’t in desperate need of even more god-tier lineups

Still, great work on this. I’d love for this to go somewhere!

Most of the high tier vehicles are the ones with most modifications xd

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I’m going to give you +1 because it shows that you put a lot of effort into it, I also agree with the others with what should there be a complete Scandinavian tree, I hope that in the future the game aims for something like that where several nations are represented within the different trees.

+1 for the entire tree purely for the SS.11 Unimog.

Would love to see the SWE tree morph into a full Scandinavian TT.



Changes made

I have removed several vehicles, changed br and placements in aditiion to having replaced some of them
total amount is gone from 63 to 60
amount of unique has gone from 42 to 48
picture resolution and quality has been improved
everything has been recounted

picture of the new layout


Why do you have a BMP with an autocannon + ATGM not in the 4th branch. It’s strange that you didn’t do this from the very beginning, when you made the table. In the first branch, there will be only IFVs with an autocannon. 30,35,40mm

I have copied the layout of the swedish tree as it is, and then added the Norwegian vehicles
so the bmp is placed there in game

Sweden should not have Norway. After all, this will simply devalue Germany and they will simply not donate to it. Now they are losing to Sweden in everything. Even in their own Leo 2 with extra armor and the worst German CAS tornado ASSTA 1. The SAM is better for the Swedes. Apache is much better than UHT. UHT cannot be applied in 80% of cases and maps. That’s why I didn’t mention the damage. Germany simply will not have the opportunity to compete not with Sweden alone, but with the whole of Scandinavia. It’s just that if the Swedes and Italians (Hungarians) played in the same team with Germany, then everyone would have 80% fewer questions. It’s just that no one understands why they have to fight against their de Leo 2, but in comparison, their one 2A7V with additional armor is not equal to 3 spawns of armored Strv 122, each of which is more armored than 2A7V. At the same time, Germany has 3, but paper tanks 2a5, a6 (which Fins also have), PSO and they are not comparable to Strv 122, it is easy to penetrate into the hull.

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I noticed you have a 9035n with Spike Dutch. But why do you think the Swedes will have the Netherlands? It’s just that only the Netherlands has had 9035 of them modernized.

There are no CV9035N in this tree

If what you’re suggesting is simply categorizing vehicles by their producer, I think your goal is a bit too ambitious. Currently we don’t even have more than three gamemodes, and you hope for a complete do-over of the vehicle organization of the game?

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Bro all I’m saying is the fact u wanna add a completely copy-paste tree to Sweden is the background mentality that made everyone pissed off at Gaijn. The Strv 122 is barley domestic and you wanna keep spamming bought tanks to ruin the game.