Next patch and beyond wishlist(Everything except Tech Trees)

I think with how the game is currently set up, I think that Gaijin is in a sense, preparing to shift or add this mode within a few years. Most combat games are beginning to shape into this, mainly thinking of DCS and OHD, as well as SQUAD. As for now, it will be a while, the reason I say 1-2 years, is because of the nations not yet added and the ones to come that currently can’t because of “political turmoil” as I will just put it. Altogether, it will eventually form to be a game like this, but most likely, it will be a while.

Now here’s a wild thought, hold on to your chair.

If the maps were large enough, a coastline could be integrated to them and ships would play in the same game. Easier said than done, but dear god it would be beautiful

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yeah I certainly hope so.

They have been quite passive in the game-mode department so far.

Absolutely, and seeing how the, I’ll just say “current eastern operations” to keep from being flagged, would see maybe more modern ships and subs to launch missiles to the battlefield, and as how WWII started, the destruction of shipyards of the enemy and their supply lines, it would truly be “all out war” and I think it will be the most amazing thing ever added. As for an actual current situation, it’s a waiting game, grind before it comes I guess? But it will be the peak (with removal of some bias and unrealistic aspects) be the best vehicular combat game ever, and, unlikely, but maybe a reason for IFV to be a thing (I.e. real infantry).

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Forgive me for derailing the discussion topic, but I found this footage of Norwegian M8 Greyhound during an exercise in 1952. I think it’d stand a good chance to be added to Sweden TT, maybe as part of a subtree.

Edit: I also feel sympathy for the US players who can’t have this in their own TT, except as a GJN coin vehicle. That was a bad move. But alas that decision is already made :/

Yeah, I believe this guy put it in the Swedish tree as a sub-tree, for Norway.


Yeah, bad move by gaijin, and to think it’s the first free vehicle for china’s reserve, is the M8 LAC

What’s the purpose of adding a copy/paste vehicle to a tree that has a unique low tier and isn’t missing out on a lot of capabilities there?

Well, Sweden doesn’t have any armored (recon) cars below 8.0, except for Pbil m/40 which is a marketplace vehicle. I think this vehicle would fit the role.

Besides, my primary objection with copy-paste vehicles is having to repeat the grind for a vehicle you already have.

However, a vehicle of such low tier is very cheap, it’s trivial to unlock. IMO it would only add to the tech tree, not detract.

I also think that placing M8 at rank I BR 1.0 is a missed opportunity, as it would be a very useful recon if it had the scouting ability. I would gladly accept it being at rank II and higher BR if it had scouting, but that’s just me.

Edit: Oh I also forgot to mention, the M8 combat car was a widely used vehicle, operated by more than 50 nations! In War Thunder however it only exists as a rare marketplace vehicle in US, and reserve in China. If ever a vehicle deserved to be copy pasted, I think it’s this one.

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Su-27 in GDR!


Alright, soo I guess its worth a shot

  1. Ability to select which camo do you want to use in each terrain, and the default one to play with it on the maps you dont have any camouflage

  2. Feature to save , store and bound decorations to terrain or even specific maps , for example, using other decorations for each mood or map or terrain without setting a new deco from the scratch

  3. Lower the matchmaking BR range( even ±0.7 would be a great change). With so wide BR range nobody is having fun( except for players who are either masochistic or like to stomp someone who has a really small chance to counter them). Its not a fun game when you are killed without almost any ability to counter, its not fun when you just butcher players in full downtier too.
    And a few players with similar higher or lower BR in team doesnt solve a problem,( If a billionaire is closed with 5 homeless beggars it doesnt make them millionaires)

  4. Fix the damage model and volumetrics, Its probably the worst thing in war thunder and its one of the main reasons why game is really unfun for the most of the time.

Thx for reading


doesn’t exist, also that’s a bad source.


Im not so sure about that. Potentially, but the su27 is from the mid 80s and german reunification occured in 1990. I think its unlikely they wouldve sent their newest jet to a nation they likely already knew theyd lose.

But who knows anything is possible.


Since theres no mig 29 on that list. Likely just mis-identified mig 29s.


The F-15GA could go to Germany as it was designed for them


More early air to air missiles and their carriers!
AIM-4’s, K-5’s, K-55’s etc!
F-89H/J,F-101, F-102, F-106, CF-100, Su-9, Su-11, Su-15 and many more early Cold War interceptors!

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Version for export didnt exist until 1991, so that would only happen if Germany wasnt reunited and USSR didnt collapse. Graph is most likely just outdated&wrong, probably has incorrect info from spying, rumors, etc.


R 98 Is cool too.

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Or K-8

At the same time, the USSR planned to sell in 95 TOR M1, 2C19, T 72B(S) to Germany already under the FRG.

Can’t be confused the Mig-29 because it’s says they were ordered in 1987 while the MiGs were ordered in 1988 and the source only mentions the MiG-29 once in 1989.

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