Northrop F-5 discussion (currently in-game, not-yet in game, and desired)

Didn’t see any F-5 threads, so I decided to create one here for discussing both the ones currently in-game (F-20 included), as well as discussing potential F-5 additions, and even F-5 variants folks want to see.

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All I can really think of thus far to include here (on the topic of current in-game F-5s) would be these two things:

  1. the F-5s and F-20s should probably get their drop tanks (wingtip, under-wing, and centerline for F-5A/C/under-wing and centerline for F-5E/F-20)
  2. with the AIM-9P-4 now in-game, it should at the very least be added to the Taiwanese/Chinese F-5E, due to it famously using it (unless another Taiwanese/Chinese F-5E is planned for the future)

Onto F-5s I’d like to see in-game: Chilean F-5E (if not in a separate South/Latin American TT, than in a sub-tree for Israel), F-5F Tiger II (any TT could get it honestly), F-5E Tiger IV, and some other foreign F-5s (namely upgraded ones).


is the YF-17 to be considered an F-5 variant if the F-20 is one too?

I included the F-20 due to being in a similar, if not nearly the same config as the F-5E.

YF-17, while a derivative, better counts as a member of the Hornet/Super Hornet family.

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Maybe it’s better to add another varient cause having all aspect missile might make it to 11.0 (though Thai F-5E have 4 all aspects and 2 of them are Python 3)
I like to add a F-5F or Tiger 2000 with TC-1 missile and TC-2 ARH missile

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Tiger 2000 would work 100%

Does the Canadair CF-5 count? It is a licensed-built F-5. And inturn a variant(a bit more of a major one due to being from a different company but it is a member of the F-5 family)

These would include the:
Canadian, CF-166
Dutch, NF-5
Venezuelan, VF-5

Note, all “A” variants due to those being the fighter version.

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Yes, these all count (they are F-5 models after all lol)

Edit: I would 100% approve of getting all of these

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If balancing is ignored, the USTT F-5E can also have an AIM-9Ls because they used it in US Navy service.

Those are CATM-9L/Ms, which are different from proper 9L/Ms. They cannot be fired.

Besides, the F-5s shown are upgraded with the chisel-LERX, shark nose, and auto-flap system. We don’t have that variant/upgrade in-game

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Is it training stuffs?

Yes, they’re captive training Sidewinders

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Besides the recently added FCU, Thailand also has another 2 types of upgrades: SCU (Tigris) and TCU (Super Tigris)

If you haven’t seen the suggestions, feel free to vote via the following links

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Sorry for late response, but yes!
I’ve seen both suggestions, voted yes, and possibly commented (funnily enough, thanks to your forums post the SCU has become my second-favorite F-5E variant lol)

A better option would be the F-5N (the USN/USMC designation for late-production F-5Es that were acquired from Switzerland to replace the previous worn-out F-5Es in aggressor squadrons). IIRC, they also have improved avionics compared to earlier production versions.

I wonder what’s the difference between the Dutch F-5, Venezuelan F-5 and the CF-166 or are they all the same

Also Botswana operated modified CF-5’s

Just like the Adversary F-5Es, F-5Ns were stripped of any and all capability to carry weapons, aside from training munitions (CATM-9L/M and ACMI instrumentation). This would be like asking for the F-21A Lion or any other specialty adversary aircraft being added to the US tree as a premium. You’d be better off just asking for a late Swiss F-5E with USN/USMC Adversary camouflage GE skins.

If I remember right, Dutch NF-5s had some of the navigation instruments from the CF-166 removed, as well as having two-position nose gear, leading-edge maneuvering flaps, and a few other things I don’t entirely remember. Venezuela’s VF-5s consisted of both former Canadian CF-5A/CF-5Ds, as well as being supplemented by Dutch NF-5As and NF-5Bs.