North Holland - Ground Battles Feedback Thread


We know that players like the Eastern Europe location, so we’ve made a new location called “North Holland” in a similar style, which we’re sure you’ll like. You can share your thoughts about this location in this thread.

North Holland — a new location for Ground Battles has been added for tests.

I’ll just drop this here… Lmao.

Mikegoesboom literally said in the devstream “It is kinda similar to the european province map”, well you don’t say.

This map has nothing to do with Holland.

Our expectations were already low, but holy shit.


european province after 80 years lmo just change the name of this to Modern european province

Noth Holland map should be close to sea and have a lot on water cannal.


Where can i test play it?
It isn’t in the custom game map selection on the dev-server.


It is likely the map running in the random battles. i’m also not seeing it under custom


This might be the laziest “new map” yet.
Not only does it not look like anything in North-Holland or even makes any sense for Dutch architecture or landscaping. It’s just a reworked European Province.
This is beyond disappointing and just… bad.
The fact we get the “haha funny he he” red lights and Amsterdam’s coat of arms in a city that’s clearly not Amsterdam is just… poor taste as well.

I really don’t know who was in charge of this but…stop, please either make a proper map based on something like the battle of Arnhem or just don’t make a map with only Dutch undertones.

Tho I suppose this is the theme for this update, being disappointing and lazy.


I am disappointed with how cheap Gaijin tries to sell this yet it is just reskin of the known map Eastern Europe.

Plus Gaijin this looks awful. It is really time to update ground assets and introduce more polygons. Its 2024 and the game just looks bad. If it was City Skyline I could tolerate this but it is getting really old.



Hehe. Holland is one of the best city maps I’ve seen in a while.
Actual streets.

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What that has to do with anything i said?

Yes, it’s an entirely new map as you stated.
Similar to other map =/= not built from the ground layer.
There’s nothing lazy about making an entirely new map based on a location, whether it’s a previous in-game location or IRL.


It’s an urban map, it plays the same as the 40 other urban maps.
Personally I don’t think that third person corner peeking with a side of breech meta is fun, but at this point I don’t think anyone care about quality of gameplay.



Ah yes, the usual "ignore everything that was stated and focus on one specific aspect type argument.

This map is just painting over European province, it’s not new, it’s just reworked in that case.
Also note I put quotation marks around “new map” to indicate that a word or phrase is regarded as jargon rather than it’s actual meaning. It’s not new, it’s just an old map in a new coat of paint.

It’s incredibly lazy especially when you put all the wrong assets in it to just give it the “undertone” that it’s Dutch rather than use an actual real area that saw combat and is a pretty damn well known battlefield with lots of documentation to work from.

Nothing in the way this map is designed says it’s Dutch other than a wrongly placed coat of arms, “he he funny red lights” and some lost Dutch architecture houses that wouldn’t appear in an area like that, it’s beyond lazy, I’d almost call it creatively bankrupt. It’d be nice if people would stop defending this and instead keep them to a higher standard so we can all benefit from it and perhaps finally get a good map for a change.


If it’s re-worked it’d have the same topography, same buildings, etc.
It doesn’t share anything other than river layout.

New maps aren’t lazy no matter what you say. The fact your post implies all maps are lazy is a trash take.

Coat of Arms could be trademarked BTW.
We’re getting a good map. I get that you love Berlin and Campania, but the rest of us love Red Desert, Carpathians, etc along with this new map.

a Market Garden map would’ve been more interesting with all its bridges imo

You guys call it north holland, and i’m presuming its amsterdam since you have the triple X sign hanging around the map. Since i’m gonna assume its amsterdam i will ask the following: have the people who designed this map ever been to amsterdam or holland in general. This doesn’t exactly look like it. Its a rather poor representation of a dutch city


Brother, I never said all maps are lazy, stop pulling things out of nowhere. I said if people would stop allowing them to make lazy brush-overs we’d perhaps finally get a good map for a change in a new update.You’re the one making stuff up here.

And again you just don’t read or understand what you’re talking about. I said that the coat of arms is being used, they’re using it in a city that is not Amsterdam or even remotely tries to look like it. That’s just lazy and poor show.

You should really like, read and understand what other are talking about. I genuinely fail to understand why you’re simping and shilling this hard my man. Us arguing the map is lazy and poor show is for your benefit too. The majority of this thread is people saying it’s lazy and just poor show yet here you are. Nitpicking parts for your arguments and even on those you’re wrong and not reading. Just stop it.


This is a video game. Locations aren’t real life.
It’s a good new map that’s better than all the previous city maps.
And being inspired by other locations doesn’t make things a copy to those that made that claim.

Bez nazwy
If you overlay one map on another you can see that a lot of streat and building are in the same loadout

MY skill to do it in photoshop are bad, one image is slightly bigger than second one but you can see it clearly