No Proper Award For Capturing Zones

Why are there NO awards for taking the most bases in this game???

You get awards for destroying the most planes, the most ship and boats, the most ground forces, etc, etc, etc. BUT, there is no award for taking the most bases. The game i’ve just finished and we won, out of 16 on the team, only 2 of us ever landed. The other guy landed once, but to win the game, I had to land 4 times, sacrificing myself 3 times to get the cap. If it wasn’t for me doing all the landing, we would have lost.

When the game had finished, i noticed I had the most caps, but there was NO AWARD what-so-ever. The thing that puzzles me most about this, is, when you have to capture bases, that is the main objective of the game if you want to win. So, even though I was “playing the objective”, apart from the win, there is “NO PROPER INCENTIVE” to have people “playing the objective” so just go for kills.

Like I said, if we kill the most planes or ships or ground forces, you get an extra bonus for killing the most, Rogue wave, anti-mech, etc,etc. I got absolutely nothing for the most caps. WHY no bonus for the players who actually play to win.

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Because it’s air arcade?
Now in ground, it makes sense, but most people in arcade just play to shoot down enemies anyway, but it’s how you get the victory bonus.

Most games, I’d say a good many of the players, on both sides, are not that concerned with or are playing to actually win the match . . . just how it is most times. Different priorities. And yeah, even tho on domination maps, controlling the airfields to dominate the ticket bleed and win the game is the “objective” . . . low focus most times. Earlier today I had a task to do certain things in the game and “Win” and my team mates just weren’t “into it” . . . lol. So yeah, after getting all the other requirements done, I had to bulldoze the caps (5 times total) and “force” the win. Luckily, the other team was preoccupied chasing tail and I was able to manage this . . we eventually won pretty easily, but it was touch and go for a good while. Yes, a little recognition/reward would be nice, but in the end . . . if winning the match was your priority and you accomplished that . . . your reward could be the satisfaction of a job well done.
Not a lot, but better than nothing(or a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!!) . . . C’est la Vie

Because Gaijin does not value objective play. They only value kills and reward them as such.

Base bombing is only rewarded because the whining that would occur (and does when it’s adjusted see Rocket damage against bases) should it be removed entirely.

"What is counted as “skill” in War Thunder can be looked at differently depending on the player. It might mean the number of kills, assists and capture points you get, the total points earned in battle, or your map knowledge and the way you position yourself to lock down enemy positions.

As War Thunder is primarily a PvP focused game and getting kills is the ultimate goal to win battles, skill bonuses in the form of Research Points will be given based on the number of kills against players or system named bots that you get. The only exception is Naval Battles, where the amount of damage dealt is counted rather than the number of kills."

It still seems a bit silly that there are awards for lots of stuff but not taking zones which is the objective in that mode… oh well.

You might need a nice premium for getting kills but capturing zones

Probably cause not all matches have airfields to capture, and in others there is a very limited number of them. Imagine those with a single airfield, it may be enough to capture the airfield one single time to get that award.
Also, just cause only some of the players capture the airfield, it doesn’t mean that the other teammates didn’t help them achieve that by killing all the enemies around, both roles are important not just the capture but also the cover provided or even holding it after being captured or even decapturing those that were held by the enemy team.
And to those that still ignore it, killing enemy planes is and always was one of the objectives of this game that is presented to every player right at the start of every match.