No longer allowed a sense of humour 😆

EDIT due to flogging; I have z sense of humour do you?
The below post was removed due to my reply to a post made in Remove the clouds in ARB

They’re too ignorant to think of using those clouds. They’re like tankers who won’t be satisfied until all ground maps are flat, featureless planes. The environment is an inconvenience to them.

Yeah, it seems quite a few posts were deleted from that thread. Moderators most likely not bothering to actually read the message in full with context unfortunately.

I believe there must be 2 people flagging stuff that they dont agree with, which is a form of ?

Could it be that your humor indirectly labeled others as flat earth people?
Which they may take as an insult, rather than humor.

Some people here are very touchy, when it comes to themselves while they merrily dish out to others.

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They must belong to some form of cult, the kind of players that dont gain altitude after take off, i generally call them NOOBS when they fly below the clouds or in the fog and cry when they crash into a hill




It says that it was marked as spam. What you’re talking about should fall into a different category, inappropriate.
Or could’ve been that the internet cables were dangling under the flat disk they call earth and the signal got garbled, thus registering the clicks as the spam thingy.
Guess that’s also a possibility.

War Thunder is very serious business.
Be careful around windows.
Accidents are common.