No "Bomber Intercept" mission for certain team/nation?

Hello, I just played SB Air EC for some time, and noticed that for my team(which is german), the “Bomber Intercept” never appears, and only “Bomber Escort” appears. is this normal? or I’m just too unlucky and never got to see one? I searched forum for similar topic, and it appears, at least in one post, it is indeed a bug. anyone got a clue about this?


Air Sim EC is so broken. Any player with moderate mission designing knowledge can do a better one in a very short time.

Was it a mission on the Dover map by any chance?

You do get enemy bomber formations, but they only go after your convoys, so you might never realise they’re about if none of your team ever goes near those bombers. The other bomber formations, which are supposed to attack bases, but actually just fly to D4 and orbit, do indeed always come from the French (axis) side of the Channel.

It was other maps, but thanks for that info. so I guess it’s bugged and allied forces always gets to intercept bombers… what a shame.

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Kernow is right: expecially in the Dover map (that would be one of my favourite) the bombers orbiting in the center of the map are always german, so it is a party for Allied and a total boredom for Axis. Some time, though not very often, a mission comes out about destroying enemy attackers, and fairly regularly you can chase he enemy observation plane.
To have a more variated panel of objectives that differ from “defend the bombers” or “defend the convoy” would be quite good!

Afghanistan might be another. I spent 2-3 hours in an EC there yesterday and every bomber formation was from our (the southern) side. Surveillance & attacker formations seemed to vary, but bombers were always B-17s from the south, although they did at least do their job by bombing bases and then returning, so it was at least possible to defend them for the time they were on the map and vulnerable.

IIRC bombers and attackers only spawn if the recon plane succesfully exfiltrated.

Had it maybe been constantly shot down?

They dindt give any answer? Im with you in this. Is not balanced.

Really? How you know this

No, it’s bugged maps that cause the problem. Stalingrad is another where bombers only ever spawn on the west side - German side, unless someone has made a custom room and used other nations or muddled the sides up. You can do what you want with the surveillance aircraft, the bombers will always spawn for the western team and circle in mid-map.

just stating what I thought to be correct. I don‘t actually know if this is true

Lets see if any moderator can answer us…

They have to fix this, in not fear and balance, if its true this…