No Air RB Rework or Air RB EC on the 2024 Roadmap

No changes to the Air RB game mode were listed on the 2024 roadmap…

As i suspected, Gaijin seems to have no desire to fix the issues with Air RB.

No fixing the 16 vs 16 spam.

No adding Airfields.

No spreading out ground AI.

No Respawn mechanic.

No Air RB EC.

It’ll just continue to be the mode to grind planes for Ground RB. What a joke…


No Mention of ASB work either.

Its a real shame that this game is being made for ground only these days. At least we are getting seperated BRs for air and Ground modes. so at least planes wont continue to suffer because of ground


i read the whole roadmap article again and the second sentence is:

“Let’s first start by saying that this list contains only a part of all changes and new features that we’re planning to add to the game in the first part of 2024”

so i personally still have hope that some changes are coming to ARB… some minor shadowpatches were implemented a while ago together with some 12vs12 matches you get sometimes… so dont lose hope guys things might change



Can you please go onto official thread instead of creating a thread that have no other purpose but to gather all those poor souls you’ve been corrupting for years?

16vs16 is not a problem,… and you know it,…

A reduced match-up would be 8 aircraft carrying 6 SARH missiles focusing 6 missiles on the same target simply to have one guy that would not be able to defend himself because he is stock,…

And btw,… EC modes for RB are not the way Gaijin tends to have the game running → no chances of seeing that back.


What kind of out of touch word-vomit is this?

16 vs 16 is a major problem at the upper tiers. Are you claiming im lying for some reason?

Over 6 missiles are very commonly focused on one guy as the mode currently stands…

Mhm…sure dude… you must have a crystal ball or be a high-up dev to have this forecasting ability…


If it were to comeback,… as it was done 3 years ago,… it would have been back already,…

EC RB mode bring no interest to Gaijin that is trying to create it’s WW mode.

But you certainly don’t see that,… so i’m talking to a wall currently being rude.

I think the reason we havent had an RB EC gamemode recently is the same reason Naval EC runs only on the weekends. Concerns too many people would play it over normal RB, affecting Queue times

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And for that, they could have switch Normal RB and EC one, but didn’t.

Therefore it is not queue times that are the problem of AIR RB EC modes for Gaijin heads, but the fact that skill alone would permit some people to play 1 aircraft, and build up so many XP

→ it is exactly the problem that was happening in EC Helicopter : when one people would let himself getting destroyed and telling to his Friend of the ennemy where he is hidding by third party (discord TS Mumble,…)

Gaijin can’t control abuse over EC gamemodes, and therefore crossed it out of the game for the non simulator player base.

That problem affects less the Boats as the boats are very slow and can’t be done as effectively.

Abuses in RB EC mode were common.

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Perhaps, but those issues could likely be addressed with effort. Its just that Gaijin is unwilling to put the time in currently.

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Efforts that are costly, as gaijin would need a human eye to see if the killseries of one guy over another is legit or not.

This multiplied by the numbers of games that would be played in AIR RB EC mode due to the fair difference of players amount compared to SIM → Gaijin would require about 600 souls over the globe to be able to take in charge such overseeing → they cannot afford that.

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Im sure there are automated systems, or stopgaps that can be thought off. But sadly, much like the abysmal state of SB economy currently. it is ruined by those that exploit the game.

How would you set that ? How can you be sure that it cannot be tricked away?

Like people doing that would become clever aswell,… → 1 kill on a side, 1 kill on the other side, 1 kill in the middle of nowhere in order to avoid people, 1 kill at red side, then one in blue side (harder),…
Then you cycle that with some changes in between like being killed once by one random ennemy.

Undetecable by any automated calibered systems

thank you for giving me hope :)

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THank you for posting this, I was just about to ask.

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Im not trying to be rude. I just think we’re on different wavelengths. I think most of Air RB is in rough shape, especially top tier with the 16 v 16 addition last year.

You seem to be a mid-tier player, so i get it. Air RB and the 16 v 16 is not too terrible at the mid tiers but its horrible at the upper tiers - where most people play Air RB…

For the lower - mid tiers, Air AB isn’t bad if you want respawning but AB is trash at top tier and the 16 v 16 really turned RB into a ripoff AB.

Thats why a lot of us have asked for an additional game mode like RB EC and a slight revision to make the upper tiers of the current RB a bit more hardcore at 10 v 10 or 8 v 8 using just the Non-EC maps.

We got Air RB EC in 2017… not 3 years ago… It was 7 years ago…when War Thunder was a completely different game, with completely different meta vehicles.

Youre making a lot of assumptions here by attempting to read the minds of Gaijin. You have no clue what the devs are actually interested in. You’re just making shit up.

Also, WW mode and EC are completely different and WW mode is not doing so well at the moment because its just not very different from the other modes or engaging.

Dude cmon. You can abuse any game mode if you take the time and effort to coordinate with the enemy team. There are plenty of ways to help mitigate this issue tho. Its just a part of game balancing. For example just introduce a spawn point system like GRB for respawning.

Dude cmon. You’re just pulling this number out of thin air…


Air RB EC or some form of RB EC has been widely asked for by a large number of Air players. You sound like you have a motivation for not wanting the mode… maybe because you dont want to harm the matchmaker for RB at the BR’s you play…

But EC exists for Sim. EC exists for Naval. It could easily exist for Air RB. Would it require some effort? Yes just like all game modes. God forbid Gaijin take a few guys away from spamming us with copy-paste vehicles.

But again…Air RB EC is desired by a large number of RB players. Polls that gain thousands of votes are 90%+ in favor of an Air RB EC mode being added.

Check CC’s like Tankenstein or Tims Variety or Defyn who have conducted these polls in the recent past and submitted them to Gaijin.

Gaijin should add RB EC because it gives players more choice of how they want to play.

All you’re doing is Gate Keeping…


I really hope you’re right.

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Dude… 16v16 gameplay completely destroyed top tier gameplay from the second it was added.

Its not as bad at prop tiers, but top tier jets all doing mach speed and spamming 30G all aspect missiles at each other is not good gameplay. Its a cesspool dogpile. 12v12 was more manegable but still sucked, it needs to be like 8v8 at top tier.

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While I appreciate your optimism, given how heavily requested Air RB EC has been, if they were intending on doing it they’d be shouting it from the rooftops to generate as much positive buzz as they can in the prelude to release.

Realistically, I think they’re worried that RB EC will eat into their current, frustration driven gameplay model. Adding a mode where PvE is both possible and rewarding isn’t something they’ve shown any interest in doing before.

I suspect we’re going to see it before too long, though probably in a heavily nerfed reward form. Simply because current top tier Air RB cannot support Fox 3 missiles.


A mid tier player?
A mid tier player?

1st do your research fully,…
I’m playing F2P this game since 2013, and have currently 3 nations at 12.0+ and 3 others at 9.0+
The last grinded one is already 8.0+

So no → mid tier player my ass,…

Do your research,… i know what i’m saying.

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What destroyed it is the ability of players :“muh i must rush mid map, whatever i use, muh”

→ no tactics/spreading over the map, no one are cutting Afterburners off to save fuel (and then complain on Forum aswell)/ 80% of those are unable to hit shit without missile at toptier or gun leading system for 60% of them)


It’s even more seenable when you use a F-86F-40 against some A-10A and their 9L,… → your team dies, but you get 4/5 kills easy being unharmed by those 6 missiles that were shot at you.

It’s even more a tactic problem when gaijin came up with that video of a Single F-16A destroying on base 3or 4 aircrafts that no one ever saw (radar/eyes), despite using MiG-29 themselves, and him being high in the sky (5.5km+)

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