Next update squadron vehicle wishlist

I have a suggestion for an addition to the helicopter tree of the ussr (yes I am aware many of you will disagree but still). Adding the KA-50 Black Shark 3 as a squadron vehicle at 11.7 (KA-50 with Igla air to air missiles).

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Another Ka-50 with vikhrs πŸ’€


Ah, yes, because the soviets need an another OP Heli, this time they can get it without spending loads of money and without grinding the soviet Heli tree.

That is definetly going to be fair


Ya jebaited me with well written post about future batch of squadron vehicles for all nations but it’s only another Ka-52 πŸ’€


A Swedish J35F2 would be dope, Sweden finally got a ground Squadron vehicle, so we should get an air too. America is the only one who has a squadron helicopter, the KA-50 is a cash grab from gaijin, so they will never add another variant of it unless it’s a TT or limited time pack.

Wishlist?? . . how about anything that’s NOT BR 10.+ for change . . . like anything . . . lol
We haven’t had anything that isn’t top tier in ages . . the ships (4) go from 4.3 - 5.3, planes . . the lowly Firecrest at 2.7 then a huge jump to 7.3 - 9.3 and the other 2 are 10.7+, tanks(9) go from 8.3 - 9.3 and everything else is 10.0+ . . now I will give you that there is a lone helicopter in this bunch, but it is also @10.3 . . … so maybe a lower BR’d chopper might be in order, but some high end naval ships would be ok too. But as I mainly fly planes in WT I would really love to see some good props between the Firecrest and the Me 262 . . . . that gap is HUGE and lacking very much. But if I were a gambling man, I’d put money on another . . . . tank(MBT even) . . 8 )

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If Russia gets a KA-50 Squadron vehicles I will throw in the towel and grind Russia to top tier.

If it had to be a helicopter a better option for a squadron vehicle would be the Ka-50-2
(Though I don’t think it’s needed, it would make for a interesting addition)

Indian sea harrier to replace the current squadron on as the current one should be in the tech tree

Would be similar to the one in game butbwith a PD radar with magic 2 and could get Derby

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I want a Mirage G for france and possibly a Spanish AV-8S as a squadron or premium for Italy

Good quesrion on where should spain go

VRCC is already in italy TT so it seems like a logical choice.

On the other hand, I feel that Italy will just become become better germany regarding top tier, because it will have more and better late Leopards 2 than germany - spanish ex, hungarian and if italy goes through with their order, italian ones, which would be kinda cringe, seeing that italy would become SECOND nation with better leopard 2s than germany.

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Japan SH-60K

Definitely Italy, but in moderation. I agree with Beeschurger here about it becoming better Germany if it gets too much stuff, but I think some lightet things like AV-8S would supplement it well.

You should do it anyway. After painfully grinding to the top of UK air and ground, Russia was comically easy.

YF-17 might make a good vehicle at 11.0 with two Aim-9Ls.