Next Patch and Beyond Wishlist (Israeli Tech Tree)

Basically this but just for the Israeli Tech Tree

Feel free to post your wishlist for future updates for Israeli tanks, planes, helis, boats, spaceships, etc


I would love to see the M-24 HVMS Super Chafee as a premium/event, Piraña 6x6 HVMS and also the M-50 HVMS Super Sherman



I love 60mm apfsds slingers, honestly can’t wait

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Light tank line.
Large lack of IFVs, and wheeled tanks.
Specifically wanting the Namer IFV (its previous prototypes/concepts) and Eitan :))). Anything that fills the large 10.0-10.7 empty gap.

(Sholefs would be lovely as well.)

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Really hope we get an IFV next patch

Israel for the moment has enough MBTs (top tier Merkavas really need their armour fixed, though).

What is really needed are LT/IFV.

So please add Namer, Achzarit and Eitan (I’m biased towards Achzarit, I love that thing).


Also, better SPAAs are welcome too.


Oh hell yea, an IFV that can tank 3BM42 to the front with an unmanned turret and spikes would be amazing!

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And it would also be the only Israeli vehicle capable of tanking 3BM42 since not even the Merk 4M can do it at the moment in game.

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While light tanks are seriously needed at higher tiers, I’d like to see the early tree fleshed out with the 1948/1956 equipment. Even if it’s copy-paste (this would also make it easier to add) it would make Israel more accessible for new players, and the combination of late WW2 European and Arab captured equipment provide would provide varied line-ups.

Edit: Just to be clear I’m a UK main and haven’t ever played Israel because once I get enough SL to unlock the M51 I spend it on something in the UK ground tree instead.

Renault R35

Hotchkiss H39


M22 Locust (Egypt)

Panzer IV Ausf. H (Syria, with pintle-mounted DShK!)

StuG III Ausf. G (Syria)

Cromwell III (with US APHE ammo!)


Sherman 75 (multiple variants including Sherman III and M4A3)


Sherman 76 ( M4A1(76)W and M4A3(76)W)


Sherman 105



M-47 (90mm)

M-47 (105mm)



I have good news, friend


Oh i saw alright :)))

Plz gaijin I beg, is a 6.7s auto loaded 155mm cannon on a Merkava mk1 chassis, a ~60+ degrees of horizontal traverse per second, also an also insane vertical traverse rate, merk mk.3 gunner thermals, 2 plane stabilized, turret can survive 155mm HE hits, smoke grenades, 75 shell capacity with blowout panels, better power to weight ratio than M1A1, and a LRF just too much to ask for?

Gimme my Israeli Vidar on steroids!!

what br do you think it’ll be if added?

Gaijin might cook this update (if we get the PT-67-2000, HVSD/ADAMS and the Sholef V2)

Hmmmm considering what it’s capable of, I could see 9.7 actually. It’s extremely capable for a SPH, but it still is going to be fighting MBTs and has a massive profile. I would say it’s either going to suck and be ~9.3-9.7, or be a op vehicle in the right hands and be a solid ~10.0-10.3. Depends on how much they’re willing to raise the Vidar and how decently it fairs against those opponents at that range. From my experience personally, when I up tiered the M109 (yes the 6.3 ones lmao) I found myself having a decent time killing the ~10.3 br tanks with no problem (except those pesky Russian ERA ones). Leos die easily if you hit the top part of their UFP or drivers hatch, Abrams also hate driver hatch shots if I remember correctly, but also hate roof/optics shots, Challys don’t like being shot anywhere in general, and never ran into Leclerc or Arietes but those are higher BRs so probably nothing to worry about, and ya know, in a sholef all the Merks are also gonna be on your side (except rare event ones on US side, but unlikely).

In summary, a well placed 155mm HE shell will decimate and massacre anything it comes across, even top tier MBTs can be vulnerable to them. But lower tanks will be even more killable, so I could conclude a much higher BR for this than what some might expect. Having a 2 plane stabilizer with a LRF (beautiful traverse rates) and gunner thermals allows you to hav first shot capability and makes you quite potent as a SPH. Its likely going to be one of, if not, the best SPH in the game, and potentially stay the best.

Stabilizer + LRF are automatic 9.0

Adding the thermals 9.3

Don’t forget the Israel tax so 9.7

Unless it gets its 155mm APFSDS then it’ll probably be 10.0+

It’s not getting 155mm apfsds, that was a rumor that started from the forum suggestion, but according to the suggestion creator the contact that stated there was a 155mm apfsds shell has proved to be unreliable.

from Israel ground forces full potential

" according to a single contact I have at MANTEK, the Sholef V2 apparently had the capability of firing APFSDS shells, although I don’t have any actual proof of this."

From the Creator of the Sholef V.2 suggestion:

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Furthermore, other than the “contact”, as you showed in the quote:
He has no physical proof of its existence, thus it’s not coming to the game (sadly).

Really wanted to bonk some MBTs with 155mm apfsds shell on a SPH tho hahaha

that would be such a great update, makes me excited just thinking about it