Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

like we all do

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Someone havent realized the US rank 4 SPAA is called the P-51H-5-NA

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  1. It was an argument for the SK105. It’s been an argument for many other vehicles, like the Super Sherman before Israel was added.

  2. As long as people demand the F16, F18, M1 Abrams and other vehicles be added to the UK tree, despite the UK tree never using those vehicles, I will argue for the US getting any vehicle it needs to fill gaps.

He has done that with Sweden getting F/A18 in future due to Finland

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smin is suspiciously silent…

God forbid lol

I mean correct me if im wrong, but the only major gap left for the US for SPAA is the M42 to M163 gap.

Before these gaps several other nations had far more holes than the US

As from the commonwealth not the same thing

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Must be busy writing tomorrow 's devblog.

Because there are no teasers tonight.

or any other of the many multiroles they got

Well, thats similar to China 10.0 or 10.7 lineup, the SPAA isnt a tank.

F-18 if I may correct

it lacks Ground armarment and together with the swiss one is unique on that

The UK tree is not the commonwealth tree. Gaijin has said so many times.

My Popcorn is ready

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just in case


I wouldn’t mind the SPAA gaps nearly as much if I could spawn CAP for less than 500 SP

(Especially when an SPAA is like 75SP)

I hope it comes tonight for too reason.

  1. beacuse I want to see it
  2. A lesson to pessimistic people ahhaha

Uh, how about the passed to devs Feburay?
Like, sure the month ends tomorrow but surely you dont want that to take the spotlight on the (alledged) teaser?

i know but none should go to US