Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

The UK tree is not the commonwealth tree. Gaijin has said so many times.

My Popcorn is ready

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just in case


I wouldn’t mind the SPAA gaps nearly as much if I could spawn CAP for less than 500 SP

(Especially when an SPAA is like 75SP)

I hope it comes tonight for too reason.

  1. beacuse I want to see it
  2. A lesson to pessimistic people ahhaha

Uh, how about the passed to devs Feburay?
Like, sure the month ends tomorrow but surely you dont want that to take the spotlight on the (alledged) teaser?

i know but none should go to US


I don’t really care who ordered what or didn’t, as long as the UK mains want F16s they have no claim to.

My guy not all uk want a F16

you can’t boil it everyone down to like one guy

So no Naval on the leak list and nothing revealed in the devblogs so far…

Is this a sign of Gaijin prepping something big (submarines or Naval rework) or something else?

I’m not claiming any commonwealth nation as a sub tree. I’m saying American vehicles used by nations not in game should be in the US tree.

UK literally has the best aircraft in the game right now, I think they’re done complaining for a while

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no , not realy, just that naval isnt popular

I’d like to remind you that neither you nor anyone else here has the power to decide what goes where in this game

so what we say is essentially irrelevant

nah i dont think so, the leaker probably just didnt care about leaking naval

What UK mains have been asking for the F-16, if it was anything like the F-14 it was a complete joke that people took seriously.

People need to remember that just because a single person says something it does not reflect on the entire group of people who play that tree.


Teaser when gaijin? It’s 2 am here. I want to see it before sleeping

yeah unless out Gripen doesn’t get AMRAAMS when its added

Here the difference at the time Gaijin denied domestic vehicles and told UK players what they’d be getting was from the commonwealth.

The US has domestic SPAAs(like the M24 “Skink” like SPAA) that haven’t been denied.

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Yeah i’ve only heard UK wanting the CF-18, but this before they got the SA Gripen

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This may be the IJN mutsu, while not game changing, it would be the first big 7 in the game. I would say it would come in the form of event and not TT however.

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